SBI MLS Player of the Week

SBI MLS Player of the Week: Dwayne De Rosario


Photo by Brad Smith/ISIphotos.com

For the second week in a row, Dwayne De Rosario reminded MLS fans and opposition that he's still got what it takes, despite being traded twice in the opening months of the season.

With his team playing a man down, De Rosario netted a hat trick against his former club to carry D.C. in its wild 3-3 draw with Toronto FC on Saturday, a performance certainly worthy of SBI's MLS Player of the Week honors. De Rosario won SBI POW honors last week for his two-goal outburst in a win over San Jose.

De Rosario has scored United's last six goals, and none of his teammates have scored in league play since his debut with the club against Philadelphia back on July 2. Nevertheless, D.C. is 2-1-3 in that time, and it's clear that its midseason acquisition is having quite the impact on the club's fortunes.

De Rosario stood the tallest during a week in which a number of players excelled, including Vancouver's Eric Hassli, Chivas USA's Alejandro Moreno, Los Angeles' David Beckham and Portland's Jorge Perlaza, among others.

What did you think about De Rosario's performance? Who was your top performer for the week?

Share your thoughts below.

  • bob

    No Whammies No Whammies STOP!!!

    Here’s to hoping that DC will give DWR a DP spot and not trade him at the end of the season.


  • EdTheRed

    Thanks, Red Bulls!

    Oh, and hey, thanks for Da Luz, too – he drew the penalty, after all. Hope your keeper doesn’t get injured on any more airplane flights…


  • JoeW

    Kevin Payne afterwards said that this was the greatest performance he’d ever seen in a DC United uniform. Given that includes a couple of MLS giants like Moreno and Etcheverry plus some other guys who put up some good results, that’s quite a statement about DeRo’s play.


  • A wise man once

    If DeRo was a DP, that would be United’s second, after Boscovich, right? And I doubt he’ll be traded.


  • Shane

    DeRo wanted to play in Toronto and they couldnt keep him happy. Just sad they couldnt keep Canada’s best player when he wanted to be there. Instead there fartin’ around with playing a 4-3-3.

    DeRo Rocks


  • Chan

    DeRo seems to be on a revenge tour. He scored 1 on RB, 2 on the Quakes, and 3 goals on TFC. I guess DCU already played Houston…


  • Charles


    The 100th reason Backe stinks.

    NY is out of the playoffs, sitting at 11th (PPG) right now and DC is moving up.


  • EdTheRed

    No offense to KP (hey, he made the trade), but comparing DeRo’s game against TFC to Etcheverry’s MLS Cup ’96 is an insult. Not even close.


  • chupacabra

    Scoring a hat trick against Toronto is like beating a quadriplegic in the 100-yard dash. Yet another lame POTW selection.


  • job

    Hey but Klinnsman brought in all those great players. He knows what he is doing… Oh crap the USMNT is screwed


  • DCU

    Imagine the damage DC could do if United’s DP Boskovic was in the line-up.

    Boskovic was our central attacking midfielder and pair that with DeRo up top, and Najar and Pontius on the wings, it’s scary to think about the damage DC could do.


  • Camjam

    Come on now, even TFC at 11v10 would be a matchup you’d never expect to produce a Hat-trick scorer. Not that i’m ever above a good TFC joke.


  • Beckster

    It was an amazing performance – he almost scored a 4th game winning goal after playing essentially the entire game with 10 players and people cramping up all around him. Well deserved. If we had had 11 players, who knows what he could have done!!! He showed tremendous heart and skill.


  • Brokenbil

    I have a question about the correct pronunciation of DeRo’s name.

    Everyone says “Day Row-SAHR-ee-oh,” but I saw Dwayne on a TV ad on FSC (for worldsoccershop.com or something) pronouncing it as “Day Row-SAIR-ee-oh.”

    Are we all mispronouncing it?


  • elgringorico

    yeah, I am a biased DC fan, but the lineup without injuries/suspensions is downright scary. They should have enough time to mesh before playoffs.


  • socrates

    Great performance from DeRo. I think that brings him to 9 goals + 6 assists in 21 appearances for 3 different teams. Amazing production given all the team-changing he’s done. And he certainly gives DCU the feeling that they’re never out of a match — a quality few players bring. (McCarty, for sure, does not.)


  • A wise man once

    Both are technically correct; it’s said both ways. I personally use DeroSAHRio


  • Mikey

    “Hope your keeper doesn’t get injured on any more airplane flights…”

    bwahahaha! this will never get old


  • jloome

    Particularly when two of three goals were due to grotesque Toronto defensive errors and the first was arguably as well. The blast was a nice shot, for sure, but no one even tried to close him down. The second went right through Andy Iro’s legs and the third was a penalty created by Austin DeLuz cutting in front of Iro in the box and having his heels clipped.

    How does that equal one of the greatest D.C. performances ever? Absurd.


  • Daniel

    Rosario comes from latin. In spanish it is a name and a noun. From what I can tell, one of your ways of pronouncing is almost like reading it in Spanish while the other is a Spanish word with and American accent. At least that is how I see it.


  • Chan

    That is good to hear. I thought he needed more time with RB to show his quality. As for DeRo’s years in San Jose, I always wanted to see that famous comeback against LA in the playoffs some years ago.


  • Matt C in Tampa

    Can someone explain to me why D-ro has not moved abroad….minimally mid to lower prem, germany, italian teams?

    has the asking price been too high?

    Is there some major character flaw that i don’t know about?

    if the argument is that he’s older or past his prime…then why no move 4 or 5 years ago?


  • MiamiAl

    I think there was deal to go to Rangers or Celtic (not sure) that was squashed at the last minute by MLS…Basically a “Taylor Twellman” type deal…


  • EdTheRed

    Seriously – I mean, it was a good performance, but man, I was *there*, in Foxboro, in the middle of a vicious Nor’Easter (something like 3″ of rain fell *during the game*), when Marco Motherf8cking Etcheverry took his team from two goals down with 17 minutes left and f*cking WILLED them to a win. It was unbelievable. The pitch was completely unplayable – just totally waterlogged – so he played every ball in the air. I’m pretty sure I’ve still got burn scars from where he caught me with his glare. I’ve never seen someone refuse to lose like that…other than maybe Ryan Nelsen in the New Zealand – Italy game in South Africa.

    But hey, player of the week? Sure, why not.


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