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Sporting KC deal Auvray to Red Bulls

The New York Red Bulls secured some sorely needed midfield depth on Friday after acquiring Guadeloupe defensive midfielder Stephane Auvray from Sporting Kansas City, sources told SBI on Friday.

The Red Bulls are trading a 2nd-round pick in 2013 as well as an undisclosed amount of allocation money to Sporting KC for Auvray, who had fallen out of favor with SKC weeks ago and was no longer in the team's plans. (A second source tells SBI the trade is just for a draft pick, and not an allocation. We will look to confirm the exact details).

The trade is an interesting one because it is between two teams currently battling for third place in the Eastern Conference. Now, Auvray could step in and play significant minutes for the Red Bulls, who have struggled while injured midfielder Teemu Tainio has been on the sidelined. Auvray provides some sorely-needed bite in central midfield, where Mehdi Ballouchy and Dax McCarthy have both struggled.

What do you think of the trade? 

Share your thoughts below.

  • The Dude

    Thank the lord. We needed some depth. And did so without losing another (current) player. I’m okay with giving up a draft pick. Auvray can make an immediate impact.


  • Jason

    What is Backe doing? This whole Borman/Tchani/DeRosario/McCarty thing seems to be a mess, and the constant tinkering bothers me, I hope it ends well.


  • Larry Y

    Don’t understand why they just don’t put Marquez as defensive midfielder. Without Tainio, they’re just bad.


  • Jay Sparks

    Most med schools have to pay for cadavers… But payment AND a draft pick. Go Sporting!


  • morry

    Aurvay is a quality player and an instant chemistry guy. Without knowing the money this trade can’t be valued but a second round draft pick is a joke generally and just a way to not over commit more future cash.


  • Replicant

    Good trade for both sides.

    Auvray doesn’t really fit into our system anymore and doesn’t get any playing time. He was great for us for the most part last year, but things clearly aren’t working out anymore.

    Basically KC gets a draft pick and some allocation money for a player they’re not at all using (haven’t even seen him in a couple of months now at least) and NY gets a good D-Mid and some midfield depth without sacrificing depth elsewhere.


  • abc

    If I’m SKC I don’t make this trade. I don’t care how not-in-our-plans Auvray is, I want AT LEAST a first round pick if I’m trading him to a team I’m currently fighting for a playoff spot with.

    What will RBNY’s second round pick be, like 31-33 overall? In the 2011 draft RBNY took Tyler Lassiter 30th and SKC took JT Murray 32nd. Yawn. Those guys have a combined ONE appearance so far this year, and it’s Murray… for some crappy team in Puerto Rico.


  • john

    jason: not sure it’s backe. think erik soler is the man behind the tinkering. everyone else just has to deal with it.

    in general, i agree with the intent of your post: it’s been too much.


  • enzolives!

    The metrobulls, red stars , or whatever the hell they’re called are an embarrassment. Soler and backe have proven to be just as clueless as Osorio, and apparently have every intention of surpassing him . This team is in the toilet. The Cosmos can’t come back soon enough


  • ManicMessiah

    I feel like the details of these trades should be public knowledge, but then MLS would need to stop inventing imaginary allocation amounts each team has at any given time.

    Honestly, I think if you asked for an accounting from different members of MLS offices you wouldn’t get the same answer.


  • GSScasual

    Dont hold your breath troll…. A clothing line with no money to join the league, and no stadium unless they go to jersey or somehow come up with cash for NY…. so pathetic… at least its fun watching you dorks get your hopes up.


  • Miroj

    I like it. Auvray will be a better player with dedicated D-Mid. He is no De Ro, but I like this move


  • Mark

    If you are not playing well, you tinker. You should be happy. The move I dont understand was DeRo, because they were playing well at the time.


  • Shake

    McCarty can be a fine depth player, but he isn’t starting material. More of a Dunfield-type for TFC


  • poo

    haha, but Guadeloupe is really part of France. that’s got to be worth at least 5 bonus points for him.



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  • Santos

    This guy is the captain and best player on Guadaloupe…surprising he did’nt get more of a chance in SKC…With Jeferson, he won’t be playing much


  • Giancarlo

    Anyone who saw dero plays knows that all he could do was scores PK’s and blast the ball over the net. I never seen avray play but I’m positive he is a better player the mehdi. Having Another change to the midfield is annoying but hopefully he can distribute the bAll well and we can maybe can actually show up in our next match. A few wins and we could out our selves in a comfortable position. Go RBNY


  • adam

    Don’t look now but DeRo is 4th in the league in goals and first in shots on goal. And he never played defensive mid for NY.


  • Vic

    he has played for some other teams you know…and Red Bullds were winning when he provided an attacking threat from the middle. Dax Mccarty scares no one on offense.


  • Juan

    If you have no clue, you tinker and get desperate and give away the shop and the future. Soler and Backe clearly have no clue, this team gets worse almost every tinker they make. When they are both fired, the new management will have to come in and clean up the mess and address perhaps the worst depth/absence of bench in MLS, and a complete lack of chemistry on the field.


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