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Studio 90: USMNT begins training camp

  • Jeff

    He’s not so bad, but what’s up with the selection of videos in the YouTube “up next” after it’s complete?


  • ThaDeuce

    Can’t wait to see what more kinds of crap klinsi pulls in the next game, and i mean that with all the sincerity in the world (though I’m sure i gotta explain myself so it doesn’t sound sarcastic, so here goes).

    I loved watching Torres on the left flank, no he doesn’t play there, no he didn’t do well, but I like that the coach wasn’t afraid to put him there, and i like that the coach also wasn’t mad when he didn’t perform. It was part experiment, but also part challenge to the player. Doing that got klinsi to see what kind of player torres is even more than playing him in the natural position is. etc. etc. as he gets to know this team, i expect a lot more of that, keeping the players off balance, on their toes, etc. Torres was just one example, but starting four defensive minded midfielders is another. starting orozco out of seemingly no where is another. I think he is trying to build a stable of interchangeable parts, so that he can quickly start one player or another and they will both be competent. To do so means starting a player like orozco so that he can get up to standard, rather than always playing a goodson every time, becoming dependent solely on goodson for the position, and then allowing him to have the spot unchallenged whereby he could be lazy. The players will have to play in klinsi’s system, not the other way around. and i have no doubt that by the time a meaningful game comes around he will have a team of interchangeable parts that play his system beautifully. I don’t expect to see the same 11 start very often. How fun! But first, more unexpected crap as he challenges his players to adapt.


  • Hush

    What is up with studio90 and the wack coverage all the time?! I always have to wait for Ramos, Univision- Fiore, or Goltv for the inside of U.S soccer. Why always interview the same dudes with poor questions is beyond me. I would like to hear Castillo’s thoughts on his second call up, maybe an Fiscal interview along with a Shea or new comer Fabian. Everytime studio 90 has an interview with a U.S player it always seems like it’s the same clowns. Sasha,Rogers, and Borns,… let’s hear and see more than a minute and a half of coverage for pee wee Herman sake…Geesh.


  • Raymon

    So does anybody know if the fans will show our guys “home crowd” support, as opposed to the last USMNT game in California? Also, I wonder if the USMNT are winning over some German fans now that we have Klinnsi, Jermaine Jones and Timmy Chandler on the team?


  • chris

    Shea is not in camp. Johnson probally doesnt speak any english and idk who would want to hear from castillo.


  • Dennis

    I too think Lichaj is much better than Castillo, but LB is sooo the USMNT’s weakest/thinnest spot, even if Lichaj were healthy, the coach must keep looking for more/better. In the Mexico game, I thought Castillo was lucky not to get the JB treatment by the Ives crowd, only some less than good opportunistic play by Mexico saved him from that fate.


  • GW

    If you are correct, he will soon be putting more pressure on Howard who has gotten complacent.


  • PD

    yep visions Robbie Rodgers donning the gloves is certainly keeping Howard up at night…


  • PD

    wish list lineups:

    first half (3-5-2)


    second half (4-4-2)


  • Jim in Atlanta

    that’s your wish line up wtf? I hope you never coach, scout, or create any teams in real life or fantasy. Your first line-up is the worst thing this side of Arsenal. Why the Frankincense do you have a midfield of spector, torres, and beckerman lol seriously? If you were going for “young” or just different from the regular guys line up. Why choose that midfield? First Johnson is not going to play, chandler isn’t a LB let alone A LCB in a 3 man backline. Why choose spector over edu, and or sasha for that matter?

    I know you probably already knew some of the things I mentioned but if this is what your dreams are like, then your nightmares must be as scary as SAW VXII.


  • pd


    just exploring the “different for the sake of different is good” angle based on the latest Klinsman callups (aka Torres as a winger) saw that posted earlier and wanted to see if I didn’t mask it as a bold Klinsi experiment how folks would react.

    Given how many midfieldewr we have and how few legitimate LB prospects I would be very interested in seeing a 3 strong centerback with two end to end wingbacks someday but I do not think we currently have the folks for it. If Beasely and Robbie Rogers had developed differently there could have been something to that last cycle, but now no.


  • GW

    No, Howard is no exception. He had an inconsistent World Cup.

    Maybe if he had some real competition, he would be better in big games.


  • BJ315

    Anybody on here planning on making the trip to Brussels for the belgium game? Me and a few friends are going to our first USMNTgame and have seats in the US section and are hoping it will be pretty lively. We will have drunk Belgian beer all day so we will do our part.


  • MicahK

    My point is that his name wont be on the roster. Which means he wont play that is what I was basically saying please learn to read before you respond !!!!!!!!!!!!! -_____-


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