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Where would you like to see Dempsey go?

Dempsey (Getty Images)

With the European summer transfer window closing soon, a number of high-profile names are being thrown around as part of rumored moves, and one of those names happens to be U.S. star midfielder Clint Dempsey.

Dempsey is in a favorable spot with Fulham, in terms of playing time and personal success, but he's a hot commodity on the transfer market and has been linked with a number of clubs recently, including Qatari-backed French power Paris-St. Germain and Premier League club Aston Villa.

The latest rumor has Dempsey connected to another London-based club, Arsenal, which is in need of more firepower after losing Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri and is in shopping mode in the aftermath of its embarrassing loss to Manchester United over the weekend.

Of course, there's also the possibility that Fulham doesn't sell and opts to keep Dempsey, who has already tallied three goals in all competitions this season.

Where would you like to see Dempsey go? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Where do you want to see Dempsey wind up?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Keith

    I can’t see Arsenal making a serious bid for CD. Looks like they need stronger/more experienced holding mids, and that’s not Dempsey’s strength. Unless he were to go to a pretty good Italian or Spanish club (unlikely…), I hope he stays at Fulham. He’s had a great career there, and they always manage to find a way to stay up — usually mid-table. Their squad is thin and injury prone though, but that makes Dempsey’s toughness and flexibility so important to them. I doubt other teams would put enough money on the table to make Fulham an offer they couldn’t refuse


  • ab

    where exactly is the arsenal rumor coming from? i didn’t see it in any british papers.


  • Hush

    A source at goal has Dempsey going to Arsenal. Hope is legit.

    This is a must move for him especially considering his reaching 30 soon. Every U.S player I hope dreams to play for Arsenal,Barca, Man u, etc… This is why you play the game to begin with. You dream as a kid to play Futbol at the highest level with the best teams along with the best players, point blank!!! This crap about Dempsey should stay at Fulham is weak and horse poop. When you are good at what you do one should be AMBITIOUS! If our players dreams are to play for bottom table teams in Europe then we are in serious trouble.

    It’s time to prove why Americans are the best athletes in the world!!

    “I can accept failure, I CAN’T accept not trying” – Michael Jordan 23


  • Unak78

    Gunners or PSG who will be in Champions league this time next year. Dempsey deserves a club playing at the European level.


  • Warren

    Yeah those guys were sooo good against Manchester United the other day, no way could Dempsey do better than that.

    Except…obviously a team with Dempsey on the field is not going to crumble like cheesecake under pressure, the man does not give up.


  • Frank

    Dempsey is not world class! Wish he was but he is not. He will not fit well at Arsenal if he goes.


  • Kenny_B

    Agree he is not world class unless we expand the definition of world class to a top 300 in the world. I don’t agree he wouldn’t fit in at Arsenal.

    Dempsey isn’t patient near the goal because Fulham lack other scorers. I think you might be underrating his passing game? Or is it his decision making? Don’t you think it would change based on the manager’s philosphy? Dempsey has proven to be adaptable with multiple managers at Fulham.


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