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Who should the USA start vs. Mexico?

BradleyChicharito (ISIPhotos.com)

The Jurgen Klinsmann era begins for the U.S. men's national team on Wednesday and while many of the players the new U.S. coach has called in are familiar faces, there is still plenty of mystery about what Klinsmann's first lineup will look like.

Some regulars like Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore won't be making the trip to Philadelphia, while Tim Howard and Landon Donovan are among the first-choice players who will be in attendance.

As for how the rest of the squad will look like? That becomes a tougher proposition to decipher.

Here is the squad we can see Klinsmann trotting out onto the field at Lincoln Financial on Wednesday night:

 Projected USA Lineup vs. Mexico


Some quick thoughts on this lineup:

You would imagine Klinsmann will want to start a defense that is familiar with each other. This back four has played together before so it makes the most sense, though I'll acknowledge that Tim Ream has been struggling and could be the odd man out here.

Edgar Castillo could start on the left, but so could Brek Shea. Don't see Klinsmann using Donovan on the left. DaMarcus Beasley is another intriguing option.

Freddy Adu gets the start here but could easily wind up on the bench seeing as how he's not currently with a team training regularly. In retrospect, you could see Donovan in that position, with one of the many wingers on the roster sliding onto the right wing.

Agudelo gets the nod, though Edson Buddle could definitely merit a look. Agudelo has been very hit and miss in MLS play, and wasn't an overwhelming hit at the Gold Cup either.


What do you think of this lineup? Who are you hoping gets the start for the USA against Mexico?

Share your thoughts below.


  • beachbum

    well, did you watch the first half vs. Spain recently? Edu-Jones wasn’t good, and I like both players. yet how about the 2nd half once MB entered?

    I’d like to see others tried out there too, but not because MB is not deserving of his spot. on Torres, he has technical abilities, but he covers WAY less ground and though he has improved defensively, he plays in a league in which the middle third is rarely contested, a tactic that is simply not acceptable at the international level. And I like Paco a LOT!


  • Primoone

    I was actually casting some bait for the pro Holden crowd that likes to label him as a CAM. Im with you…I think Torres is more of a Xavi type player as opposed to the typical Iniesta CAM. Please…these are just comparisons to the positions players are asked to play and not comparing actual players so dont hate me haha.

    With that said, I think that beckerman is someone that could also play that role. He plays the touch game so well and can give you a nice through ball occasionally spraying balls left and right as well as up the middle. He will also give you some bite in the middle.


  • kirk

    Seeing how we haven’t had much production from the strikers recently, This is something I would like to see


    let the front four roam on offense, but maintain this shape on defense. This will bracket castillo with experienced cover and I think shea’s physical traits and technically abilities make him one of the most intriguing options at our always weak #9 and put donovan and adu in support positions that they are best suited for.


  • GW

    “if Adu looks sharp in camp he will start, if not, he won’t. I do think BB sometimes used the USMNT to help players find jobs (one player in particular) and think that is wrong. The team should come first and should not be used as a promotional tool for certain players.”

    Very short sighted and misguided on your part.

    How do you expect Freddy to look sharp in camp if he doesn’t have a club?

    Using Adu as an example, if Freddy can’t find a club it will be impossible for the USMNT to get him enough practice and playing time to stay sharp and fit.

    If Klinsmann believes Freddy has a role going forward with the USMNT then it is in the TEAM’S best interests to try and do what they can to help him get a club. If that means playing him in a “meaningless friendly” then so be it.

    They are called exhibitions for a reason. Such games are used to evaluate players and tactics so you don’t always play what you believe to be you very best eleven to start. Otherwise, what would be the point?

    Your moral indignation seems misplaced. Save it for a situation that demands real outrage.

    And this did not orginate with Bradley or Klinsmann. Many other national team managers have done it.


  • Justa Guy

    I’m not too concerned with winning this match. I’m concerned with (1) developing talent–to get to be international caliber you need to caps–and (2) seeing different combinations of players in different positions.

    I’d love to see Hamid play this match.
    In my mind, the jury is still out on Ream. Give him a few more caps to see if he gets to the level needed.

    At some point soon, we need to face the fact that Cherundolo and Bocanegra will need to be replaced before 2014, and think about getting others some playing time in their places.

    I am excited about Adu in the center. Right MF is the best place for Donovan.


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