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Williams signs with Hoffenheim

Williams (Reuters Pictures)

The transfer madness continues ahead of Wednesday's European deadline, and it's already involving potential future U.S. national team call-ups.

German-American defender Daniel Williams is the latest to switch teams after he moved from SC Freiburg to TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on a three-year deal, according to reports from Germany.

Williams, 22, has been a member of Freiburg's first team for the last two seasons, during which he's played sparingly. He played in eight games last year and has started one this season prior to the transfer. Born in Germany to an American father and German mother, Williams (pictured above, right) is capable of playing fullback and as a defensive midfielder. 

At Hoffenheim, Williams will team with recent U.S. call-up Fabian Johnson. U.S. Under-20 international Joe Gyau also is under contract at Hoffenheim, where he plays for the club's youth team.

What do you think about the move? Do you see Williams being the next German-American to get a shot with the national team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Lost in Space

    Williams has been playing Right Back, some Left Back (last year) and Center Defensive Midfield. Johnson has been playing Right Mid, Center Attacking Mid, and Left Back….Having players who can play multiple positions at a high level is a good thing. Gives depth to the team and adds competition for every roster spot. Both are things the USMNT haven’t really seen in the past.


  • BostonTim

    The Nats are going to field 4 or 5 players with German mothers and American fathers. Should we start an incentive program or something and plant American men in Spain/Portugal/Italy/Brazil/Argentina too?

    I like how Jurgen is shaking up the roster… this is exactly what our team needs: competition!


  • biff

    This is an interesting development, and I cannot help but think Hoffenheim might have become interested in Williams because of Klinsmann’s call-up of Fabian Johnson. Hofffenheim is owned by billionaire Dietmar Hoppe, who dreams of turning the club, whose stadium is basically in a small German village, into a big-time team. If two of his players are regularly called up by German legend Jurgen Klinsmann for the USMNT, Hoppe would love it. A few weeks ago when German powerhouse Dortmund played Hoffenheim at Hoffenheim, Hoppe’s guest in the VIP box was German national team manager and Klinsmann buddy Jogi Low. I imagine Klinsmann has an open invitation to watch Hoffenheim play from the comfort of Hoppe’s VIP box.


  • A

    I think you are onto something Biff, good eye. Juergen is held in such high regard in Germany!


  • downintexas

    It is part of USSF plan called “Spread the Seed”

    Soon we will be a German national team lite


  • TomG

    Renken is also w/ the Hoff, no? Haven’t heard anything about him since his injury. There were huge hopes pinned on him.


  • JJ

    I’m on my way to Brasil to do my part!

    (I hope they look more like Giselle and less like Marta …)


  • Good Jeremy

    Is Hoffenheim near a US military base, or is their stockpiling of American-Germans a coincidence?


  • primoone

    Renken is currently with the the U-19s and is projected to be promoted to the u-23 team by season’s end. Had it not been for injuries, he would be right alongside Gyau.


  • DC Josh

    After a quick Google News search, I found that Gyau played in their U-23 match last week, and had a chance on a breakaway saved by the keeper, but the rebound was slotted in by a teammate. Good to see he is getting playing time and I hope he can break into the 1st team next year. He is such an exciting player to watch.


  • abc

    Let’s not forget that in addition to Johnson, Williams, Gyau, and Renken, Hoffenheim is still home to Ibisevic (another Blackburn deal that fell through), who went to college in the US.


  • Julio

    Enough of these Defenders and Midfielders. Give me a a scorer. Why can’t we nationalize Freddy Montero? He has not been cap by the Senior team in Colombia, he played for their sub 22 teams and a friendly for the Senior team but it was not a WC qualifier game or FIFA tournament.

    Ives please tell me if Freddy is even an option (if he has considered it or the US has interest in him) he is young and has been here for 3 years now, is it now 5 years to become a US Citizen?


  • Louis Z

    interesting option, it could happen in 2 years if he keeps it up but then if is, Colombia may take notice and call him up first.


  • abc

    What the hell? There is 0% chance Montero ever plays for the US team.

    Also just to clarify, it’s five years AFTER getting a green card. Does Montero even have a green card?


  • Steve McSteve

    Our defense is in shambles. As for our midfield, Dempsey and Donovan won’t be around forever. And while midfield might be our deepest position, it’s not like we dominate teams there.


  • GW

    You are imagining a lot.

    You are also assuming Williams will actually play some games, something he did not do a lot of at Freiburg.

    Based on what he has done so far, if Williams was not potentialy available for the US (I understand he has yet to get a passport, a pre-requisite to playing) I doubt anyone, anywhere notices this move.

    I thought the idea was to recruit outstanding talent. What has this guy ever shown? He hasn’t even bothered to get a passport.


  • biff

    You “doubt anyone, anywhere notices this move”? Hmmm. If you have time, why don’t scroll up to the top of the page, above the headline: “Williams signs with Hoffenheim” There. Do you see it, at the very top of the page? Yeah, that’s it: “Soccer By Ives.” You callin’ Ives a nobody, man?


  • Louis Z

    can he actually play without a green card? I thought you need a green card to be legally employed.


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