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Altidore scores another Europa League goal

Jozy Altidore 1 (Reuters)

Jozy Altidore has done it again.

Altidore continued his fine start to the season by scoring the opener in AZ Alkmaar's Europa League match against FC Metalist Kharkiv on Thursday. The U.S. international got on the scoreboard after making a run, controlling a pass with his left foot and hitting a shot to the lower right corner with his right in the 26th minute.

The goal was Altidore's seventh time this season across all competitions.

The game ended 1-1 as FC Metalist Kharkiv found an equalizer in the second half.

Here's Altidore's goal:


  • Hush

    My “Jozy puedo Altidore” doing his thing. God knows we U.S fans need some good news for the next 6 months.


  • Judging Amy

    Total luck/confusion on Altidore’s part. Instead of making a decent run he lazily chose to stand there and was the beneficiary of a great pass.

    Just like the rocket blast he scored a few weeks ago. The ball bounced to him as he was dawdling at the top of the box. He had no idea what was going on. Total luck/terrible touch.


  • Judging Amy

    I don’t think his logic is saying that at all. His implication seems to be that for the most part its better not to jump into the best leagues in the world (La Liga, Barclays PL) for a young American player. I’d definitely agree with that. Holden at 25 and Donovan at 28 is not the same thing as a Jozy or Freddy at 20.

    I think you are spot on with the importance of a manager having a player in his plans though.


  • MattfromMemphis

    Drogbeast was playing in French league 2 until ~25 I think? I’m with you. A few years minimum in a lesser league before trying to claw for time in a top tier league does a player good.


  • Tony in Quakeland

    Frankly, I don’t think the success he is having should come as any surprise to anyone who actually watched him from the time he came up. He’s getting better and he is refining his technique, but his development is consistent with his potential.

    The biggest things for him were learning to work hard (no the only young player that had to learn this) and THAT HE WAS NOT PLAYED CORRECTLY. He was never, ever a target forward. Get him a little wide, let him find space and let him attack. The biggest difference between here and Hull (for example) is that AZ is using him properly.

    I figured they would, hence my preseason prediction of 25 goals, all comp.


  • K-Town

    I have always believed that basketball is the best cross training sport for soccer. I totally agree that playing it helps your soccer abilities. Learning how to post up a guy, with your back to the basket would be great for target forwards. Playing power forward would help target forwards and centerbacks, and playing gaurd would help number tens and midfielders. Small forward for fullbacks and wingers.

    Worst case, we get guys with good ball handling skills and they become great keepers.


  • Chris

    Wow, what an amazing shot, it had a great curve to it. Glad to see the kid scoring and playing the way I always thought he could. Keep up the good work Jozy!


  • Eric

    Absolutely agree. Jozy has often played more like Deuce than McBride. Jozy prefers to run at players and work with the ball at his feet. He’s improving technically and we all know the athleticism is there. The problem for Jozy at the US team, even in Klinsy’s 4-3-3 system is that the Jozy is still the closest thing to a center forward needed at the top of the formation even if it’s not his true position.


  • Adam M.

    That first touch taking the pass across his body with his left foot to set up the right footed shot looks like a major development in his game. A real striker’s goal. If Jozy can be dangerous like that going forward now, he’s going to be deadly in two years. And that’s before you get to his good positioning onsides but behind his defenders on that side of the field and the nice curl to beat the goaltender. I’ll tell you, nothing in soccer makes me happier right now than an Altidore goal. Nothing.


  • Josh

    VERY sweet first touch. Please tell me we’re gonna see more of that in a US shirt.

    That was a good pass, but it was coming in fast–controlling that with one touch is pretty hard to do!


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