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Backe suspends Marquez for Saturday's game after controversial comments


Photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISIphotos.com

Rafa Marquez's controversial comments have cost him a spot in the lineup for the New York Red Bulls' crucial match this Saturday against the Portland Timbers.

New York manager Hans Backe has suspended Marquez for the match after the Designated Player made harsh remarks and belittled his teammates after the club unraveled in a 3-1 loss to Real Salt Lake, sources confirmed to SBI.

New York conceded three goals in the opening 21 minutes of a match that was of great importance to the club, and Marquez, a captain at the club and international level, went the unconventional route of appearing to throw his teammates under the bus. He also singled out his centerback partner, Tim Ream, whose error led directly to RSL's second goal.

Marquez' play has been subpar as well, evidenced by his culpability on the third RSL goal, leading many to call for his benching even prior to his comments.

What do you think of Backe's decision?

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  • Eric

    I agree that you can place blame on Backe too but don’t say not to blame Marquez after you admit he might be mailing it in. I don’t care if they’re having Jackie Moon fight a bear at halftime of their ‘circus’; Rafa is a paid professional. No matter how chaotic or how much of a circus the team is, his job is to go out and perform the the best of his ability regardless of where the coach places him on the field.

    Even if he isn’t a natural centerback, his team feels that where is best suited to help them so his job is to do his best at that positin.


  • Kevin_Amold

    It was a headbutt combined with a spiking. Really atrocious.

    Hopefully we all remember what he did to Tim Howard in the hex also.


  • NopalTech

    Some hurt backsides here.

    How about we consider Rafa as a human being… not easy going from being an star in the 1st World of soccer to the reality of league that is comparable to the Spanish 3rd division.


  • Khan

    I’m not sure that xenophobia is the word I would choose, but I agree with your sentiment. Frankly, based on the past several games as a sample size, Ream should be booed at every touch.

    You are correct about Marquez playing center back for Barcelona. My assumption is that we are talking about his recent playing time, the last several years.

    As for his comments, he left Backe with little choice but to suspend him. Regardless of validity, those words are not meant for public consumption.


  • john

    +1 but consider this, “Backe suspends Marquez indefinitely.” nice ring to it.

    headline after following game: “NY finds a way to play together with 11 players fully into it.”

    and the Post: “Marquez sulks will Bulls ride high!”


  • Poo

    Get a clue. I can think of about $4.5 million reasons why it should be easy for someone of Rafa’s stature to deal with the “problems” at hand.


  • Eric

    Really? Spanish 3rd division? I hope you’re joking about how you see the level of talent in MLS. I’ll buy second division but MLS is better than the third division.


  • mistadobolina

    good luck getting rid of his contract! NY is going to be losing a lot of money (and mexican player’s credibility) with Marquez


  • Hush

    Crazy to hear folks blast Rafa’s work ethic. Ream sucks bottom line, if there is someone who needs to be deported is, Backe and Ream.lol I agree, Rafa should have kept his mouth shut and enjoyed his 5mil. Unfortunately the Red Bulls really suck and the dude could not hold back any longer. He by far is the best defender in the red bulls, no doubt, those who think otherwise are just simply hating. And for those saying Rafa plays better with El Tri then with the Bulls,.. well,.. that’s because the Mex team has decent defenders through out the midfield unlike the RedBulls. If Torrado & Salcido were on the Red Bulls, I guarantee Rafa would stand out like a white kid at a Kanye west concert.

    I say trade Rafa to the Galaxy and let him work with Gonzo! Maybe Gonzo has a better understanding of the game… Ream has shown jack squad! He’s a clown & overrared in my opinion.


  • Don Pelayo

    The existence of Rafa Marquez is unpleasant. However, a player epitomizing pure evil does make it easier to choose the correct path in the world of soccer.


  • KC

    I was going to say something but there is no sense arguing with American fans. Easily the most ignorant fans in the world


  • NopalTech

    Eric here is the way I see things…

    FMF about level of Spanish 2nd Division

    MLS about level of Mex 2nd Division

    Mex 2nd Division about level of Spanish 3rd Division hence MLS about level of Spanish 3rd Division

    This makes sense not just based on watching matches from the various divisions & assessing the skills & talent of players but also in terms of budget, management quality, competitive environment & training.

    Excluding DPs…. Mex 2nd Division & Spanish 3rd Division clubs have slightly bigger payrolls than MLS clubs… the Spanish 3rd Division clubs (which are usually the reserve clubs of first division teams) have world class ex-players & top notch developmental coaches instructing their players… they have a clear edge over Mex 2nd Division & MLS in these areas. Lets not forget that the Messi’s of the world play quite a few Spanish 3rd division matches in those years when they make the 1st team squad but not getting lots of minutes… the promising talent playing in the Spanish 3rd division week in & week out is far superior to what plays in MLS & Mex 2nd Division… however the MLS & Mex 2nd Division counter balance a little with seasoned, grizzly veterans who make their teams competitive vs Spanish 3rd Division.


  • NopalTech

    I should mention my older brother played in A-League, Mex 2nd Division, Spanish 3rd Division and Austrian 1st Division.


  • TomG

    Backe is locking the barn door after the horse left, ate all the hay, kicked over a gas lamp, burned down the barn and ran away, but at least he’s finally doing SOMEthing to try to instill some discipline.


  • Alex

    bahahahaha +1 to you Conrad. I really hope a mod doesn’t remove that post…. Or this one.

    And if KC really wants to think that Marquez has been good this year for NYRB than he can keep his biased opinion. If anybody looks at Big Soccer’s Mens N&A forum, look under the MLS thread to see an “ignorant american’s” analysis of how “good” Marquez has been. The pot called, and the kettle is still very black.


  • biff

    I found that on u-toob and oh, man, that ain’t an elbow, that is a full force head butt to Cobi Jones’ head that could have been lethal. And Marquez as he saunters off the field has a nasty smirk on his face you’d like to see smacked off. Why would any MLS team pay that guy millions…

    It starts at the 1:55 mark…


  • socnow

    Yeah, my friends older brother has a cousin who knows a guy who went to school with this chick who knows a cab driver who overhead some guy say that Spanish 3rd division is really good.


  • socnow

    If he was expecting RBNY to be the same quality as FCB then Marquez is at best delusional. At worst he is disingenuous and doing business in bad faith.

    He is talking like a guy who knows he’s not earning his money and is finally being called out on it, but he won’t own up to it. Marquez fail. RBNY/MLS malinvestment.


  • Andrew H.

    I would also like to dispel the myth that Marquez has played well for Mexico this season. He has stunk for them just like he has stunk for the Red Bulls. In the Gold Cup final, I am convinced he feigned an injury so he wouldn’t get exposed more. Miraculously, he was healthy not long after supposedly suffering a leg injury in the game. I ‘ve said it before and I will say it again…Marquez is a bum!


  • conrad

    Apologies. Trying to be “funny” — often doesn’t come across in blog comments. We’re all in agreement. I wish the team would play better is all. You remember how absolutely DOMINANT RBNY were at the beginning of the season? It all started going south with the DeRo trade. He wasn’t bad for NY, just didn’t really do anything, and he was expensive. After that, it all started to unwind.


  • Ach

    No player is above the team.
    Let’s stop comparing the MLS to European leagues where salary caps don’t exist. To compare is ignorant, I’m sure that if the league was spending the money some
    Of these clubs do we would also be first class.


  • Wm.

    Marques has always been a punk. The only cool thing he ever did was scissor kick and karate chop Cobi Jones at the World Cup in one single deft move. Awesome.


  • Eric W

    umm, that’s not a joke or an un-pc comment. it’s just racism and xenophobia. we definitely don’t need the kind of ignorance dumbing down our conversations here.


  • Daniel

    No doubt Marquez has been sucking. But he is just being used as a scapegoat. I am sure NYRB fans would like the idea of having Marquez as their only problem.


  • marco

    Marquez is correct but his anger should have been directed at Backe and NYRB management not the players.


  • AdamFromMich

    Interesting article. Clearly the NY fans were wrong to boo Rafa whenever he had the ball. They should boo him whenever the other team has the ball, cause that’s when his ball-watching has been hurting them.


  • eddie

    He’s not bigger than the club. That’s the message being sent. You can’t say and do anything you want and represent the club. Professionalism is not just on the field, but a matter of speech and action also.


  • Joamiq

    1. You’re delusional. We NEVER think it’s our year.

    2. NYEnergyDrinks – so original! Ooh, what a burn!

    3. You have a pretty expansive definition of “bottom of the table”


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