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Reports: Bradley in mix for Santos Laguna job

BobBradley (Getty)

Former U.S. men's national team head coach Bob Bradley is still looking for his first post-USMNT job and fresh reports have him potentially moving to Mexico to find it.

According to multiple reports that emerged on Sunday, Bradley is in the running to coach Mexican side Santos Laguna. Sources have told SBI that Bradley is, in fact, a candidate for the Santos Laguna job, but reports of him being close to taking the job are premature.

Bradley is still in the running to become head coach of the Egpytian national team, a position that is expected to be filled this week.

What do you think of this development? Where would you rather see him coach?

Share your thoughts below.

  • GW

    I notice Donovan, publicly anyway, really started to sour on Bob after Bob was foolish enough to bench him in the Gold Cup.

    As star players go Donovan is not as big a jerk/diva as many others but don’t think for a minute Landon appreciated the public humiliation. Also, for a pro athlete, he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve.

    It would benefit the US most if Bradley got the Egypt job since that is about the highest level team outside the US an American has ever managed.

    On the other hand BB’s strength is really more as a club manager rather than an international manager, so Ssntos Laguna has that going for it.


  • Tim M.

    Wow, I fear for his life. Do you know how Crazy it is in that part of Mexico?

    The fact that he’s the our Ex-Nats coach, coupled with him being extremely Caucasian does is extremely dangerous!


  • Ricky B. Free

    Ooh no, Santos is a mess of a club. They have good attacking players but the front office is a mess and as long as Bradley doenst hang out of the Santos Laguna stadium everything will be alright. There was another shooting outside that stadium and 6 people died.

    Bradley seems like a good hard working guy. Santos has the players to play counter attacking soccer so maybe he can make it work.

    He is about to sign, so good luck to him.


  • Ricky B. Free

    Lol its not the mexican KKK, its mexican mafia. They kill for money or drugs, I dont believe Bradley is their target.


  • Dimidri

    Where are all the abject Bradley haters? This message board has to be the most pro-Bradley board I have ever seen, and I think I know why-there is a controlled variable. No longer can unsubstantiated attacks be lobbed without accountability, the class of players like Castillo is being displayed, the rationale for his decisions is becoming clear. I am neither a Bradley apologist nor a Klinsi detractor, the latter is experimenting and will eventually be great and the former did make mistakes, however Bradley was almost constantly beaten on by the end of his term. I could mention his stats, like the 2007 Gold Cup, winning the hex over Mexico, the finals of the Confed Cup beating Spain, winning a World Cup group(for the first time ever?) in a group that included England, but for the hater’s that doesn’t matter-all that does are non-falsifiable attacks about ‘what could have been’ without a controlled variable. Go figure.


  • PetedeLA

    But I strongly disagree. Stuttgart got good value for money when they picked up Ricardo Osorio. Marquez did very well for Barcelona. Salcedo is not bad at all. All of them are Mexican league products. Have we ever had a world class defender like Marquez at his prime (for Barca, not Mexico)? The closest we’ve had is probably Gooch right before his accident. Point being, the Mexican league is still better than MLS, and it only makes sense that defenders face stiffer competition there. MLS is catching up. But it’s not quite there yet. I only need to look at Tim Ream for evidence.



    The official site just says that he is interviewing and there is a picture of him talking to one of the “sports committee” members and says that he was touring the installations


  • sir coble

    Thank you. Paco did come deep a crap load to pick up the ball, and donovan pushed him for some reason… but other than that was he terrible comparably to the rest of the squad? Nah. I believe he also had a highest pass completion rate at 83% that game.



  • Mig22

    Sorry I missed this comment from Monday.

    I base the loyalty remark on the fact that in his years, players rarely (ever?) complained publicly, always stuck to their cliches and such in interviews, and seemed to accept what he was trying to do. I’m not saying they liked him but I think it’s fair to say that the USMNT was a pretty cohesive bunch under his control. That’s at least one definition of loyalty.



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