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Mid-Day Ticker: Tevez could face FIFA sanction, Gallas to miss Arsenal clash and more

Tevez - reuters


It isn't getting any easier for Carlos Tevez, especially after FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce revealed that the disgruntled striker could face a sanction from soccer's governing body.

Boyce himself claims that Tevez should be banned "from taking an active part in soccer" if he did indeed refuse to come on in Manchester City's 0-2 loss to Bayern Munich on Tuesday in the Champions League.

The Argentine has been the subject of transfer speculation for ages, and his latest incident could be the nail in the striker's Manchester City career.  

Boyce was quick to assert that he would have no issues in disciplining the player and also that if Tevez does it today, what's to stop someone from doing it next week?

City manager Roberto Mancini is set to have talks with the board regarding the future of Tevez in the upcoming few days.

Here are some other stories to keep your Thursday rolling along:


To the dismay of Arsenal fans, William Gallas has been ruled out of this weekend's upcoming derby clash with Tottenham with a fresh calf injury.

According to Spurs manager Harry Redknapp, Gallas has "virtually no chance" of taking any part in a match that is always hotly contested in London.

Gallas was set to make his debut this season in Tottenham's Europa League match with Shamrock Rovers, but his new injury ruled him out and it looks like his absence will continue at least through the weekend.

The French defender joined Tottenham from Arsenal on August 22nd, 2010, having already played for another London powerhouse in Chelsea FC.


Queens Park Rangers has maintained interest in the LA Galaxy's David Beckham for some time, but the club vice-chairman Amit Bhatia admits that the club have a long way to go before it can lure Beckham to Loftus Road.

Beckham has claimed that he is interested in returning to England's capital during the MLS off-season, and trained with Tottenham during that same period last year.  Despite rumors that Beckham was on the brink of a move to Spurs, Harry Redknapp claimed the deal was blocked by the Galaxy and no deal was finalized.

Now 36, Beckham has told media in the past that he wishes to be a part of England's 2012 Olympic team and may see returning to England to train as an integral part of realizing that dream.


After being arrested early on Wednesday morning on suspicion of sexual assault and a class A drug possession, the club has decided to suspend the defender indefinitely until all the details of the investigation come to light.

Bramble won't be able to take part in training sessions or be available for match-days during his suspension. 

After falling 1-2 to Norwich over the weekend, the loss of the experienced Bramble comes at a bad time for manager Steve Bruce.  However, Bruce should have Michael Turner available for selection with the defender coming back from a knee injury.


What sort of disciplinary action would you impose on Tevez?  Without Gallas, who edges the London derby?  Think Beckham has a legitimate shot at making the 2012 Olympics?

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  • BB

    I don’t think FIFA needs to sanction anyone. Players who refuse to play will get what they have coming to them: being payed less and playing for worse teams. Let the market decide.


  • Poo

    no one who is able to pay his massive salary or a reasonable transfer fee will want him because he’s a toxic asset at this point.


  • RS

    I agree, don’t see why this is a FIFA issue and is another example of FIFA meddling and trying to exert its power over other bodies (UEFA, Premier League, Man City). If this were a FIFA event, I would still have trouble seeing one player’s refusal to play as a FIFA issue. Let teams and soccer federations deal with players like Tevez.


  • AdamFromMich

    So what. Man City needs to accept the fact that he was a bad investment. Once they do that they can decide if they want to keep paying him (while hoping he becomes more valuable), or sell him at a loss. Well, maybe they could sue him for breach of contract, but that seems like a stretch.


  • chupacabra

    I was going to say that I saw that same exact face in my garbage can last night munching on discarded chicken bones.


  • bigprof

    should’ve done the corinthinians trade…even though the 1st payment from them would not have been till Jan. As for Fifa, I see no problem with. Its not about not letting Fifa exert itself as a governing body, but of showing that you cant simply get away from bad behavior by going to another country.


  • jmadsen

    No, you got it all wrong….

    “You don’t need to give me a ban”

    FIFA Official:

    “Uhm…we don’t need to give him a ban…”


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