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Which team do you think will finish first in the Eastern Conference?

PHISKC (Getty Images)

When Sporting Kansas City and the Philadelphia Union square off at Livestrong Sporting Park Friday night (8:30 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel), first place in the Eastern Conference will be up for grabs. If the teams don't play to a draw, the winner will move into the conference's top spot. Considering no team has been able to cement its place as the top dog in the East, though, it feels like that spot has been up for grabs for months.

The race for the top seed in the East is so highly contested, in fact, that six teams are within striking distance of first place. Granted, New York winning the conference seems like an afterthought following the club's mid-week meltdown, but the Red Bulls are still currently just five points off the pace with five games remaining.

Even D.C. United, which is six points out of first but has at least two games in hand on its five chief competitors, has an outside shot at capturing first place and has matches against Philadelphia, SKC and Columbus still on the schedule. The Crew, mired in a four-match winless streak, are currently in first, and the Houston Dynamo, despite not having a single road win all season, are just two points out of first, although they have the fewest games remaining (four) out of all of the contenders.

With all that said, which team do you see finishing first in the Eastern Conference? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Who do you think will finish first in the conference? Who do you see winning Friday's big game? 

Share your thoughts below.

  • Khan

    I was going to vote for Philly, but then I realized that Peter Nowak is their coach and I thought better of my decision.

    My vote would be for the Crew or SKC.


  • Nathan

    Anyone voting for the Crew obvious is ignorant of our ability under Warzycha to drop points in the months of Sept and Oct.


  • me

    SKC all the way. One of the most fun teams to watch and a I think a very good candidate to take the first place.


  • Patrick

    Who cares about the Eastern Conference? Yeah, some teams will make it to the playoffs cause of our screwed up system, but if we’re being honest, the question on this poll should read “Which team do you think will finish fifth in the league?”


  • Tommy Lewis

    I am very much aware of this unfortunate ability…however, as a Crew fan I cannot vote any other way…I’m just gonna cross my fingers and hope this year is different…


  • Mo-one

    While I agree with you, it’s not always this way. Most people seem to forget 2008 when roles were reversed. For whatever reason, the Western Conference has just been a stronger one these last couple of years.

    We need a single table already. This conferencing business is retarded.


  • Eurosnob

    Patrick, the system is what it is. The last two MLS cup winners from the Western Conference, RSL and Colorado, barely made playoffs in the years they won the Cup. RSL was the last team to make it to the playoffs. Colorado was second to the last team (on goal difference). Each one was a long shot to lift the trophy, but their playoff runs show why you should care about the teams which barely make it to the playoffs.


  • Patrick

    Yeah…I see what you mean about caring about the long shot teams, but dividing the playoffs by conference is silly when the schedule isn’t weighted by conference.


  • Rex

    Funny how all the drones of American just call the system screwed up and want a new one. Just like the sheep that get all up in arms about the BCS in college football.


  • Tommy Boy

    It would be better for the league if Columbus doesn’t make the playoffs. Nobody would be there, boring team, waste of a playoff spot


  • Nick

    Yeah, like all those American sheep that replace their lightbulbs when they burn out rather than just hang out in the dark.


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