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Who is your MLS MVP right now?

DwayneDeRosarioDC (ISIPhotos.com)

The MLS season still has a month left to be played in it, but the wide-open MLS MVP race is starting to dominate the headlines as contenders begin stepping up and making strong late-season cases for the award.

Dwayne DeRosario is rising up the charts quickly, while other long-shot candidates like Dominic Oduro and Sebastien LeToux finish the year strong to earn some consideration.

Then you have the players who have been doing it all year, like Houston's Brad Davis, Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman and LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan.

I wrote a Fox Soccer piece on the MVP race that will post later today, a piece that includes my pick for the award as of right now. I won't say who my MVP choice is at the moment (I'll post the story once it is up on FoxSoccer.com), but will ask SBI readers who you think should be MLS MVP at the moment.

Cast your vote after the jump:

Who did you vote for? Who is in your Top Three? Is there a player not on the ballot who you think should be?

Share your thoughts below.

  • marco

    Easy, Sounders can’t compete without Alonso, but they can without Montero or Rosales. It’s ability plus value to the current side. Ability they are close, but nobody replaces Ozzie on the Sounders even adequately.


  • Brokenbil

    SBI-Montero has scored more goals in all three competitions than anyone else on the Sounders. Goals win games, not assists. Montero’s contributions should not be undervalued.


  • sciroccer

    Kyle Beckerman, an MVP should go to someone who’s done more for their team, De Ro maybe hot right now, but let’s not forget the first half of the year. Plus- due to the amount of injuries RSL has had throughout the year, the additional responibilty’s he has to take on, and the fact that RSL are already locked into the playoffs whereas DC is still fighting/hoping for a place in the Wildcard? It’s Beckerman for sure! Kreis should be coach of the year for the above mentioned list also.


  • wickedgimp

    As a die-hard Sounders fan I agree that Montero’s contributions shouldn’t be undervalued, especially his “lazyness”. His first touch and soccer IQ easily make up for any other percieved deficiencies. While he has easily earned his DP payday for the season he is in no way the MLS MVP. Heck he isn’t even our team MVP. While he might not get the acccolades (assists and goals – last night excluded) its almost impossible to argue against Osvaldo Alonso as the Sounders MVP.


  • KevDC

    Don’t recall saying it was. And it’s now now 14 goals, 11 assists.

    And you never addressed my point. Why should being on 3 teams this season and DC being “mediocre before he joined” mean he can’t be the best player in the league?


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