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Barrett scores as Galaxy finish season unbeaten at home

ChivasGalaxy (Getty)


CARSON, Calif. –The Los Angeles Galaxy have enjoyed a dream season and that season got a little better on Sunday as they once again defeated their cross-hall rivals. 

Chad Barrett scored his seventh goal of the season as the Galaxy defeated Chivas USA in the SuperClasico in front of 27,000 at the Home Depot Center.The Galaxy picked up the victory despite missing Robbie Keane (adductor strain) and Landon Donovan (quad strain) due to injury. 

With the victory the Galaxy finish the regular season with an undefeated 12-0-5 record at home. Los Angeles is just the third team in MLS history to finish the season undefeated at home following Real Salt Lake in 2009 and the San Jose Earthquakes in 2005. 

“It’s nice. I don’t really pay attention to those kinds of things. It’s certainly important,” Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena said of the record. “It was obviously the most important factor probably in winning the Supporters’ Shield. If you generate that many points at home and get a fair amount on the road, it’s a simple formula that adds up to being on top in the end.”

From the outset of the match, the Galaxy were in control and had Barrett enjoyed a finer touch, they would have taken the lead even earlier. However Barrett finally broke through in the 53rd minute of play when he headed in a cross from Adam Cristman that caught Chivas' goalkeeper Dan Kennedy flat-footed. The goal was Barrett's third goal in four games for Los Angeles. 

After Barrett's goal, Chivas began to find space as the Galaxy dropped back and began to absorb pressure. However, Chivas had their opportunties, the Galaxy's defense was able to blanket former Galaxy striker Juan Pablo Angel and prevent the Chivas forward from getting chances. Whether it was clearances by Gregg Berhalter, Todd Dunivant or Omar Gonzalez, the Galaxy remained steely throughout, limiting Chivas' chances. 

"We had a lot of possession, we were able to create a few chances, but we weren’t able to convert," said Chivas head coach Robin Fraser. "It’s difficult once you get behind a good team. [Galaxy] don’t make a lot of mistakes in the back and they look for the one opportunity to capitalize on and they have won I don’t know how many games that way this year.”

With their victory over Chivas, the Galaxy remain undefeated against their arch-rivals since September 2007, the last time that the Rojiblancos were victorious in the SuperClasico. 

Chivas close out the season on Saturday with a match at home against the Seattle Sounders. Meanwhile, the Chivas match is the Galaxy's first of three games in seven days as Los Angeles will now prepare for a vital match in the CONCACAF Champions League against Club Motagua on Thursday in Honduras. 

After the match, the message was clear, it was time to look ahead to the next one.

"A very good regular season at home, a good effort by our group," said Arena. "We look forward to the game on Thursday which is certainly going to be a big one."

  • Marc

    If LA had any depth at forward whatsoever, this game would have been 4-0. They will need Keane and Donovan back if they want to win more trophies.


  • beachbum

    healine could have read “Barrett finally scores as Galaxy….”

    although his free kicks were subpar, Beckham played ball after ball tonight with a superior quality.

    need to finish those chances better, much better, on Thursday, then it’s all so possible

    how about Gonzo as one of the exemptions for the Olympic team?


  • Kid Presentable!!!

    I agree with this. Forward is still our weakest position and I couldn’t help but thing buddle would have put away a couple of those with conviction.

    One thing that I keep seeing is Omar G’s constant improvement with the ball at his feet. There was a sequence in the second half where he dribbled past two players and most importantly made the smart pass to the midfield and not boot it up field.


  • Second City

    Unbeaten season at home. Impressive year from the ******* BEST CLUB IN MLS THIS SEASON *******

    F- the playoffs. Wish more fans, MLS brass and our league recognized this & celebrated it for what it should be valued at.


  • Supsam

    i wish more fans had more tolerance for the playoffs. Playoffs are here for good so quit whining. If you dont like the league’s structure, than go and enjoy what they do in Europe. You say this yet you will end up watching the playoffs anyways.


  • SydneySounder

    They may be unbeaten at home now, but just wait for the second round of the playoffs when the Sounders will…not beat them in LA.


  • Second City

    I say that because it’s true. I watch the playoffs because I support the league.

    Yes, let’s all blindly follow the league and not have any differentiating opinions to ANY thing regarding it.



  • ...

    I -like- the playoffs, but I also think the Supporters Shield winner should get more recognition than it does. It’s a lot easier to be the best team over 4 games than 34; it’s also a lot easier to get lucky for 4 games than 34. I do enjoy the playoffs, but without a lot of recognition for the SS it kind of diminishes the importance of the regular season; it’s an afterthought for a lot of people, which I think is a shame.


  • pd

    I tell you if LA can’t get it done this year I’m going to start thinking they never will again.

    I love the parity of the MLS, especially in the east, but to dominate so throroughly in the regular season and to essentialy have that be an asterisk if you don’t win the MLS cup… seems wrong.

    and yes I do root for the Phiadelphia Phillies….


  • Second City

    I’ll concede Supsam’s rather petulant argument and absorb the overall view that playoffs aren’t going anywhere.

    However, as pd has highlighted, providing a huge incentive within MLS Cup would be a step in teh right direction for recognizing the value of winning the Supporter Shield.

    Hell, I’d even be ok with a 2 game bye or something similar that presents a distinct and well earned advantage for being the best club in MLS over the course of a season in our weekend (sarcasm) long tournament.


  • LarryM

    Agree completely. Everyone should stop using the term, “Supporters Shield,” and simply refer to the Galaxy being the League Winners. Elevate the prestige of winning the league. The post-season tournament is just that: a tournament. Tournaments have different rules, favor the healthy, the young and the lucky.


  • Gnarls

    Does anyone actually call it that? That’s purely a soccer media invention.

    (SBI-No, that was an MLS marketing invention that some media have adopted. I personally never use it but some folks keep using it.)


  • Gnarls

    Way to recognize a quality team without injecting your own bias *cough* Seattle fans *cough*.


  • Gnarls

    YES! That’s a fine compromise between MLS’s avante garde system and the rest of the footballing world. Keep the playoffs, but drop the “Supporter’s Shield” moniker. “League champions” and “MLS Cup Champions” should suffice.


  • Ski Fast!

    That’s nice, they went unbeaten in league play at home. But, I’d rather see LA prove something in the Champions League. Huge game for them this week. Go MLS.


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