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Injured Palacios out for Honduras-USA


Photo by Ben Queenborough/ISIphotos.com

Honduras was already going to be without a number of regulars for its friendly against the United States on Saturday, but a recent development means that Los Catrachos will be even more shorthanded than previously thought.

Stoke City defensive midfielder Wilson Palacios has had to withdraw from Honduras' roster due to a knee injury, according to reports from Honduras, and he won't take on the U.S. national team in Miami. He has been replaced by Motagua midfielder Jorge Claros.

Palacios, one of the top overall players in CONCACAF and a key component of Honduras' central midfield, joins the likes of goalkeeper and captain Noel Valladares, Celtic FC defender Emilio Izaguirre, attackers Ramon Nunez, Walter Martinez and David Suazo and D.C. United winger Andy Najar as Honduran players who won't partake in the friendly. 

How do you think Palacios' absence will affect the outcome of Saturday's friendly? Fully expecting a U.S. victory now?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dinho

    Less bite in midfield for Honduras = more room for us to play (hopefully). Dempsey should be happy (as should his ankles).


  • wondering aloud

    if we don’t get a win on this one how much shone comes of the blondapfel?

    let the mindless baying begin….


  • Jamie Z.

    That’s too bad. Honduras are no pushovers, even without Palacios, but he does add the kind of class we’re going to need to test ourselves against as we rebuild.


  • marco

    How do you think Palacios’ absence will affect the outcome of Saturday’s …?

    not at all

    basically a scrimmage for both sides

    probably more happening in practices


  • junior

    if they dont win this game im not gonna be a happy camper and we might as well schedule game vs the bahamas or iceland or something….


  • Didier Deschamps

    just once it would be nice to see all the Honduran talent on the field at the same time…Los catrachos just seem to always be missing 3 or 4 guys no matter friendly or FIFA tournaments.

    All i think of is David Suazo never being available.


  • Second City

    Sucks for the US and the coaching staff.

    We need to see full squads against our pool to figure out who’s going to play where and how we’re going to play in general.


  • Warren

    No Palacios = US wins; game over.

    Seriously, he is one of their top talents.

    But that’s ok, Klinsmann could use a win here to settle the baying masses (ok, the few) still mad their man BB bit the dust last summer.

    For USMNT, every friendly game is still a worthwhile exercise in learning to play the new style, even if many of the old hands are in there the ball movement and positioning expected is different.


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