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MLS Rewind: Dynamo topple Timbers, RSL draw Rapids in Colorado

DannyCruz (Getty)

The Portland Timbers had a full stadium of fans trying to will them to a victory they sorely needed to keep their playoff hopes in good shape. Unfortunately for the Timbers, the Houston Dynamo were also hungry for a victory to boost their playoff prospects.

Houston put together a strong performance on the road for the second straight time, riding an Andre Hainault goal and a stunning long-range blast from Danny Cruz to post a 2-0 victory over the Timbers on Friday night.

The win pushed the Dynamo into second place in the Eastern Conference, while the loss pushed the Timbers to the brink of playoff elimination. Portland most record road wins against D.C. United and Real Salt Lake, and then get some help, to get into the post-season.

Meanwhile, in Colorado the Rapids missed a chance to grab a strong hold of a home wild card game as Real Salt Lake halted a four-match losing skid with a 0-0 draw at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando recorded his MLS-leading 14th shutout of the season to help RSL move three points clear of FC Dallas for third place in the West.

Colorado still hasn't secured a playoff berth, but can do so with a win against Vancouver in its regular-season finale.

What did you think of Friday's matches? Disappointed with Portland's performance? Think the Dynamo can make some noise in the playoffs? See Real Salt Lake straightening out and making a strong playoff run?

Share your thoughts below.

  • sciroccer

    Of course RSL makes a strong playoff run! Don’t kid yourself, I would consider that game a scrimmage match for RSL. I don’t think they were going for the win. I think it was more about form, and prep for the playoffs. What’s truly sad is that Colorado were working their butts off, and could’nt get a badly needed win at home. Not a Houston fan but WOW what a shot!!!


  • EN

    How about that Brad Davis?

    Another assist and another strong, strong game from the LM.

    How does he not get the MVP award?


  • PetedeLA

    Castro should have never scored because the ref needed to give him a red card for his late challenge.

    Portland deserved a penalty kick.


  • etj

    Did they? All I saw all game was players sliding on the wet pitch and Kenny Cooper/ Sal Zizzo falling over.


  • Tenni

    Underrated for sure…better than most on national team…would certainly add class to the USA midfield


  • Sam

    +1, they were bunkering for the tie…When Morales hits stride they are going to be tough to beat. Yordany looks good.


  • johnnycougar

    I agree that Cruz shouldn’t have been on the pitch. That challenge was late, cynical, and with no attempt on the ball. Straight shoulder to the head should’ve been a red.

    The penalty is less obvious. It was hard to tell whether there was a legit foul or if Cooper was just looking for a call.


  • Pepe

    Agreed. It seems like every game he’s just by far the best player on the field. It’s a crime that he’s not playing for the nats.


  • Kejsare

    MLS should advise the USSF refs about getting tough on head injuries. A red card definitely possible and within the ref’s reasonable judgment to award.

    Timbers already lost Eddie Johnson to Houston for concussion [he hasn’t played even a reserve match!]. Lets not lose another player to the same team for the same injury!


  • RB

    LOL. They were bunkering for the tie only after they became so frustrated at not being able to produce any chances against the Rapuds defense.

    But I get that it’s difficult for RSL fans to square the facts about their team’s actual performance in general with their strong belief that the team is somehow a couple notches above the rest of the league. The only difference between these 2 teams in almost 200 mins of play this season was that blown offside call that gifted RSL a goal and 3 pts back in April.


  • RangerSG

    I have to say, the RSL/Colorado match was one of the worst matches I’ve watched this season. Two teams not interested in playing football.

    Theatrics, diving at minimal contact, as if both teams decided to play on the ‘reputation’ of the rivalry, rather than actually play a tough, hard-nosed match.

    Disgraceful and ugly.


  • roger

    Danny went in with no hard intentions. they were good teamates early this season and the last few years. bad timing.


  • Migz

    No, I wouldn’t say it was pretty football, but the intensity was there. It was a super tough hard-nosed match. It wasn’t boring, that’s for sure.


  • Samson

    Sometimes speed is overrated…ask England without Beckham or even France without Zidane.


  • hogatroge

    Davis is tough too… he’s not huge or super strong, but he doesn’t act like a twig when he’s challenged like DMB.

    Klinsmann’s call ups have shown that Davis is definitely not too old for a look.


  • hogatroge

    What ridiculous comments.

    Cruz’s challenge, even if intentional, was nowhere near a red card offense. Also, Cooper fell because of his own clumsiness, not any challenge. No PK, good call by the ref.


  • hogatroge

    Alright… after watching the replay again, the challenge was harder than I remember when I watched the highlights last night.

    That said, on the closeup, I’m less convinced it was intentional. I think Cruz made a legitimate attempt to head the ball, but he obviously geared up to come out on top of the challenge. He turns his head as he goes for the ball, so I think it’s unlikely he was aiming to knock Chabala out. Under those circumstances, I think it was a yellow card situation, but a generous one.


  • RangerSG

    Hard-nosed matches don’t sport diving at minimal contact at every turn.

    And I found it as exciting to watch as paint dry. Colorado’s been one of the main exporters of anti-football it’s entire existence, and RSL might be capable of playing attractive footy, but for whatever reason EVERY time I see them, they seem content to draw as well.


  • RB

    “Colorado’s been one of the main exporters of anti-football it’s entire existence”

    Still giving it the old college try in those hyperbole sweepstakes, I see. Good on ya!


  • CB

    yeah how many times to do we have talk about brad davis, robbie rogers, wondolowski, or buddle, etc about being called up for the nats, then find out, oh yeah thats right they just cant hack it at the international level, every single time. Sure they play decent against some of these concacaf teams, but the rest of the world, come on


  • Eurogeek

    as many times as we have to talk about the current squad that just cant hack it. Bradley failed to give others opportunies when the current guys proved they couldn’t play.


  • EN

    Really? We know that Davis isn’t capable of playing? Funny…we haven’t seen him get a chance in 6 years.

    Do I think he’d ever be a starter? No, but a deadball specialist certainly has a place on the team, especially in these crazy times where we couldn’t score at a w**** house


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