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Tuesday Kickoff: Galaxy trio out for NY clash, Impact make MLS signing & more


Photo by David Bernal/ISIphotos.com

With the New York Red Bulls fighting for their postseason lives, the club is in need of anything that will tilt the scales in its favor.

The Red Bulls received a bit of a boost with the word that Landon Donovan (strained quadriceps) didn't travel with Los Angeles for the highly anticipated match at Red Bull Arena (8 p.m., ESPN2). Donovan's absence isn't a huge surprise after he withdrew from the U.S. national team for the friendlies against Honduras and Ecuador with the ailment. Donovan joins Robbie Keane and Chris Birchall (international duty) among the inactives for the Galaxy, who can clinch their second consecutive Supporters' Shield with a victory.

New York, meanwhile, is barely hanging on to the final wildcard spot following its draw with Toronto over the weekend. The Red Bulls are even on 40 points with the Portland Timbers through 31 games but have the edge in goal differential. D.C. United trails both teams by two points but has a game in hand, and resurgent Chicago trails both New York and Portland by three points through the same amount of games.

The Galaxy and Red Bulls played to a 1-1 draw at the Home Depot Center in their other meeting this season, with Donovan and Thierry Henry trading goals in a memorable early-season match.

Here are a few more items from around MLS to kick-start your day:


The Montreal Impact will join MLS in 2012, and the club announced its first signing to its MLS roster on Monday by inking central defender Nelson Rivas.

Rivas, a 28-year-old Colombian, formerly played with Inter Milan and River Plate after a few seasons with clubs in his native Colombia. 

He made 28 appearances for Inter between 2007 and 2011 and was twice sent on loan during his time with the Italian power. The Impact made a point to announce that his deal with the club is not a Designated Player deal.

The Impact also added to its coaching staff, with longtime former USL and MLS goalkeeper Preston Burpo signing on as goalkeepers coach.


The Houston Dynamo lost Cam Weaver for the rest of the season after the team announced that the forward will undergo hip surgery on Thursday.

Weaver had been playing through the pain for the better part of the season, but the injury is at the point where it requires the procedure.


Who do you see winning the Galaxy-Red Bulls match considering Los Angeles' absences? What do you think of the Impact's first signing? Think the Dynamo will miss Weaver?

Share your thoughts below.

  • malkin

    Talk about a gift for the Red Bulls. They better take advantage of it, that’s for sure.


  • Mockatu

    Oh yes, this game will be a juggernaut, for NY! I see the LD absence as more of a rest before the all important playoff race. LA has nothing but its rep on the line. Still, LA is by far the best team in the league and won’t be an easy opponent even missing two. Let’s hope that NY can post a win and head into the playoffs with a head of steam. Come on Henry! Rodgers! Lindepere!


  • Poo

    I hope the red bulls decide to put in an effort before the clock hits 80 mins, unlike in Toronto.


  • Shane

    NY Red Bulls given a gift. I’m sure it’s no coincidence. Come On Galaxy, run circles around Rafa.


  • Aguinaga

    Prediction: Marquez & Beckham to headbutt one another tonight, ensuing a brawl and getting both suspendeded for the next three games, just long enough for us remaining NY fans to watch the team make the playoffs, win the 1st leg, and lose in the second soon as Marquez makes his return, thus ensuring another season of epically comical fail to top the one before. Do I know my team or waaat?


  • Kejsare

    Head to head dictates NY above Portland. It was the case prior to their last meeting that GD was the tiebreaker because they had one tie. Now NY owns that tiebreaker, GD doesn’t need to be addressed.

    That said, I want LA to pound them out of the playoffs.


  • Turd Ferguson

    I firmly believe NY will choke and Portland will surge in their last three games. We’ll see how tonight goes.


  • fischy

    What does Preston Burpo know about goalkeeping? I never saw evidence of anything that would suggest he does.


  • fischy

    I believe your “name” is highly juvenile and seriously undercuts the credibility of anything you post.


  • Michael F.

    NYRB will choke at home and I’m a NYRB fan. I say this based on 16 seasons of misery.


  • nam

    LA reserves > NY first team (at least the one Backe trots out)

    Not exactly a gift, more like a chocolate chip off the cookie.


  • Powderhorn Pops

    Yeah…13 years in the USL and MLS as a goalkeeper would definitely show evidence of not knowing anything about the position.

    BTW… I’ve always thought your name seriously undercuts the credibility of anything you post. It makes everything seem a little suspect – you know, a little fishy (see what I did there?).


  • Naboo

    let’s hope so…LA help out my DC squad (even if they are likely to not take advantage of it)



  • fischy

    I am familiar with the Borg, and I’m happy not to be assimilated in your collective.


  • Turd Ferguson

    I’m a Galaxy supporter, so I say this with love, but you’re wrong. Look at the reserve league table. Galaxy’s reserves are pretty weak.


  • Turd Ferguson

    Fischy, Turd Ferguson is one of the funniest characters in SNL history. Unless you’re 53 years old, you should know that.


  • AcidBurn

    Nah, to be true to form NYRB will win tonight, then tie at Sporting KC, needing only a tie against the Union to get in…and lose 3-0 to the Union to miss out the playoffs. Now THAT is the Metro way. Not just lose, but be humiliated.


  • most hated teams.

    Well, since LA is already in the playoffs, go LA. The sooner NY is eliminated, the better!
    Now I have to go wash my hands; typing anything supporting LA is dirty.


  • Colin

    Fair enough, maybe not the actual Galaxy reserve team, but Galaxy players 12-18 plus Dunivant, Magee, Saunders, etc. are better than NY’s starting 11.

    See the Columbus game for proof of that.


  • Chris

    Dear G*d, you don’t have to let NYRB make the playoffs. But PLEASE let us finish above DCU.


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