Who should the Revolution hire to replace Nicol?


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With Steve Nicol's tenure on the New England Revolution sideline coming to an end, the search begins to replace a coach who was a fixture with the organization for the last decade.

Former longtime Nicol assistant Paul Mariner has to be on the radar, even though he took a position with Toronto FC as director of player development prior to this season. There are also the universal MLS head coach candidates like Vancouver assistant Denis Hamlett and newly annointed U.S. U-18 coach Richie Williams, who could still have his name batted around the MLS circuit despite his new duties for U.S. Soccer.

The Boston Globe named former Revs standout and current team broadcaster Jay Heaps and former Revs captain and current Houston Dynamo assistant Steve Ralston as candidates. Given their ties to the organization and the leadership qualities they displayed while donning the Revs jersey, either would make a sensible fit, but neither has head coaching experience. 

Who do you think the Revs should hire as Nicol's replacement? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Who do you think the Revs should hire to replace Nicol? Anybody not on the list that you think would be a good fit?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Tim Crawford

    As much as I love Mariner, it wouldn’t be enough of a change. It would be Nicol part 2. I think Rally or Twellman might be a good choice and I like the idea of someone from the club’s history stepping in, not an outsider.


  • AlexSWill

    I would love to see us take a look at John Hackworth. I’m not saying he’s my choice, but I definitely don’t want this to be between two tiers: Those that worked for the Revs, and Journeymen head coaches.


  • James

    Come on Ives, how do you not even put Colin Clarke on the list? The guys got the experience, and the Islanders record under his tenure is impressive. Stunning he’s not getting another sniff at MLS, esp for a cheapskate like Kraft.


  • anon

    I actually think that Preki, Curt Onalfo, Colin Clarke and Steve Morrow would all be good options. All have a decent combination of coaching and playing experience.

    As far as assistants go, I think Mike Lapper in Columbus is definitely one to watch.


  • anon

    Another name: Carlos Llamosa. Played for Revs for a few seasons, current assistant at Chivas.


  • hendrix

    Why would Mariner leave TFC?
    He has almost free reign at TFC to create a team. He was allowed to bring in 2 high profile expensive DPs, something NE wouldn’t do. His team plays in a soccer specific stadium in the downtown of a major cosmopolitan city. I’m sure he’s also making a very good salary with TFC.

    And remember, if Winter fails at TFC or gives up, Mariner can just become the head coach. There’s no good reason for him to go back to New England, a team he willingly left a few years back (he could have just stayed on and been Nicol’s replacement if he liked it so much there).


  • RevsFan

    I heard the name Brian Bliss floated as a possible candidate too…

    I hope they pick up a guy that can play an attacking style, the Revs have been a bit of a bore to watch in recent times, and the system needs a shake up. Also I hope whoever is top on their list insists on structural changes. Chances are though they’ll lean towards a non-MLS retread or first time coach who won’t have the clout to do so.


  • Shmenge

    Worst head coaching job in MLS. Period.

    Bad stadium, ugly field turf, no fans, no ownership support.

    Heaps is about the best Cheapo Kraft could hope for, no one else in their right mind would want the job.


  • socrates

    Bring back Zenga! Revs history of coaches shows somewhat of a trend: former pro players (usually with some higher level experience) relatively new into their coaching career. I think only Rongen (at Tampa) had been an MLS head coach prior. So, can they get Reyna out of his USSF TD job?


  • socrates

    Harkes wants to coach, right? Speaking of former Revs, too bad Leo Alvarez is busy with a much better job. I think Imad Baba is available.


  • Quakes2012MLSchamps

    there’s only one candidate for this position and it’s



  • alf

    Preki would be a great option. He would have some pieces already in place to play a possession oriented game but would also add some mental toughness and metal to a team that clearly didn’t seem to have any this year. His teams always perfomed above on-paper talent at Chivas and he likely got the short stick in Toronto. He would be an excellent choice.


  • Rory

    Gary Smith. He’s already proven he can win a championship with an owner who refuses to spend money.


  • Joseph D'Hippolito

    Alexi Lalas. Let him ruin a fourth MLS club (Earthquakes, MetroStars, Galaxy).


  • wilyboy

    Mariner and Williams are sensible choices, but Taylor Twellman would be interesting. His commentary is always pitch perfect, direct, and insightful, and he certainly knows the system inside and out. He’s also a forward, and would likely steer the club in a slightly more positive direction in terms of strategy and play.

    Of course, that hiring is probably a bit too sensational for a league that loves to recycle.


  • solles

    Good call, I’m sure he’ll be considered; Steve Ralston to me deserves a shot as well, few guys have given as much to MLS in general or the Revs in particular, and the Dom Kinnear coaching tree has turned out some pretty good coaches.


  • Stu

    I like the idea of an outsider, somebody like an Aron Winter who is not willing to go with the status quo. Just like USA, MLS needs fresh ideas from the outside.


  • K Waters

    The fans would come if they has a real stadium. There are some good pieces to build around also.


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