U.S. Men's National Team

Klinsmann releases 22-man roster for France, Slovenia friendlies


photo by Hunter Dorton/ISIphotos.com

Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra and Tim Howard headline the U.S. men's national team roster for the upcoming friendlies in Europe against France and Slovenia.

There's one new face in camp, with Hertha Berlin defender Alfred Morales among the 22 players selected by Klinsmann. Born in Germany, Morales won't be the only German-American in camp, as Danny Williams and Fabian Johnson have been called back into the squad.

Here's the roster:

Goalkeepers (2): Tim Howard, Bill Hamid

Defenders (7): Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra, Timmy Chandler, Clarence Goodson, Michael Orozco Fiscal, Alfredo Morales

Midfielders (9): Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu, Clint Dempsey, Brek Shea, Danny Williams, Fabian Johnson, Kyle Beckerman, Jermaine Jones, Robbie Rogers

Forwards (4): Landon Donovan, DaMarcus Beasley, Jozy Altidore, Edson Buddle

Jermaine Jones and Robbie Rogers are two players who also return to the U.S. team after missing out in the October friendlies.

The upcoming camp will be the first time Donovan and Dempsey are together under Klinsmann. Donovan, who missed last month's matches due to injury, is one of five MLS players in camp.

Donovan and Kyle Beckerman are the two lone MLS-based guys who could be involved in the MLS Cup final, which takes place five days after the friendly against Slovenia. Klinsmann addressed the scheduling conflict for potential MLS Cup participants to ussoccer.com.

"We have a very positive line of communication with MLS," said Klinsmann. "We agreed that whoever will be involved in the final will be released after the game against France, which gives them more than a week to prepare."

A couple of notable omissions from recent camps are forwards Juan Agudelo and Teal Bunbury, though Klinsmann explained the reasoning for their absences.

“Both right now are in a challenging position with the full team because of players ahead of them," said Klinsmann. "Our thought is that if they are not in the starting lineup for us, this is a great opportunity to get an introduction with the Under-23 team and to play two full games. It’s better for them than sitting on the bench, and they experience another development path by playing with the U-23s."

The United States takes on France on Nov. 11 before playing Slovenia in a rematch of the 2010 World Cup group game four days later.


What do you think of the roster? Any one you would have like to seen included/left off? Think this team can get results against France and Slovenia? Surprised Klinsmann called in Donovan and Beckerman with MLS Cup looming?

Share your thoughts below.

  • epablo

    As an American-Colombian-Peruvian, I am proud that not only Agudelo chose USA, but now Alfredo Morales chose USA. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • ELI

    I think ALFREDO MORALES IS TEH REAL DEAL…YOUTUBE HIM…hes fast atheltic n smart technically gifted plays left back he ll replace Cherundolo.. PERU wants him to play for them.. GOOD jo KLINS this kid looks goo.. he played great agaisnt real madrid!! you tube him!!


  • The Imperative Voice

    Let’s be real about the CB picks it’s probably Gooch and Goodson/Boca starting with Orozco as depth.

    Ditto the midfielders, that’s a ton of quality picks plus his German trialists with Rogers perhaps thrown in for depth. Anyone see Rogers starting over Dempsey? Donovan? Shea? FWIW, he did score on Mexico, it’s not quite the same as Orozco, who has literally played poorly and would be a more appropriate Bornstein analogue.

    What I find more interesting/troublesome is the F picks. Does the F by Beasley mean he is being considered for F duty? Interesting. If he isn’t totally disemboweled and/or rendered broken in a holdup play situation against a 6 foot 180 pound back he does have more technique than 80% of the F pool plus Donovan-worthy speed. And I am no Buddle fan, see that as a throwaway, though again, let’s keep it real, you look at this roster and you know he’s the 4th or 5th option with Slash Dempsey (forward/mid) around.

    So while I agree that some of the second tier choices at the periphery of the roster are questionable, I don’t know if I’m losing sleep over them, it’s the last guys getting subbed in. Yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing Gomez and some others, but they’d be in the same boat of cameo 15 minute subs, so are they better off in Mexico, etc.?

    I also would presume that some of the Scandinavian/ Russian/ Danish/ MLS players will get a winter camp callup. Though along those lines I would note that Omar Gonzo is hopelessly slow for an international, and Parkhurst is small and slow, but smarts aren’t enough at the level he would be bumped to.

    And George John has all but given y’all a Rossi middle finger and dressed in blue and white, when will it be acknowledged he’s not just mediocre but basically disinterested? It’s not like a Subotic situation where I’m like he’s interested and you’re stupid to alienate him. He’d be lucky to merit the grade and even if he’s mildly interested I’d not waste valuable roster room to cap tie someone this……OK.


  • junior

    im tired of seeing orozco, beckerman, and rogers!.. i hope they lose the next games to put klinsman in the hot seat…


  • Louis Z

    we already have two big CBs and we are lacking outside fullback. that why Klinsi is taking a look at Morales.


  • Hush

    I’m disgusted to see Rogers, Beckerman, and Buddle. No Sasha, Finley, Casey, Buddle, ROGERS, Goodson, and Beckerman please senor Klint!

    Adu, OG, GJ, Farfan, Cameron, Sapong, HERCULEZ for God sake! …. We have players available now that can easily replace 3 players who were called for the Nov friendlies.

    Call Chuck D, klint,… Maybe him putting on a U.S jersey might boost his confidence. Maybe he can draw a god damn penalty kick for the NATS since we lack in scoring! Any help up front would be greatly appreciated.

    I strongly believe Omar’s rant over getting a call up hurt his chances. He should of kept his mouth shut!


  • marco

    Blazing speed at FB was disproved by both Spain and Barcelona winners of both cups. This false idea keeps coming up regardless of the facts.


  • marco

    Speed at CB was disproved by both Spain and Barcelona winners of both cups. This false idea keeps coming up regardless of the facts.


  • Louis Z

    Orozco to me is a bit above average, for some reason Klinsi thinks he is good enough. Morales is an up and commer saw a few videos of him and he looks very good outside back. The kid has speed and a very good touch. I wouldn’t be surprise if there is an agrement with this kid that if he doesn’t make it in the senior group he will be going to the U23 group. I think is a good move by Klinsi…sort of like we get first crack at this kid before Peru beat us to the punch.


  • Carlos

    To be honest, Gonzalez deserves to not be called up. Not because of ability but because of his comment about being open to the Mexican National Team who doesnt even want him. Playing for the national team is a privilage, and any national team coach wants players who are completely commited to the team. Gonzalez is coming off as concieted and disrespecful. He has 3 or 4 CB in front of him, humble up, continue to work hard, you’ll get another shot.


  • Louis Z

    because he is young enough to play U23 and is starting to play with his senior club team. I’m sure Klinsi has inquired about him. Let’s see what the kid can do. He may surprise you.


  • Louis Z

    From your replies you seem to be stuck on this 70 minute thing. I don’t think you have seen him play, the kid has game. we know what the other guys have this kid may ended up being a special one. no harm in giving him a chance.


  • hogatroge

    After being reminded that Rogers is about to be off-contract, I think JK’s just doing his buddy a solid and giving him a chance to maybe impress a Scandinavian scout or something.


  • DaveW

    Michael Orozco seems a nice young man, just not sure he has improved very much with time…

    It might be interesting to note that San Luis were so sure that the Union would exercise their buy option that they didn’t bother registering him for last spring’s Clausura, leaving Michael with no place to play for 6 months. They also let him try out with Pachuca before finally sticking with him in this Apertura. Not the most resounding vote of confidence.

    It is true that he did well for the US at the youth level–the Olympic red card was unfortunate but everyone makes mistakes, he shouldn’t be judged on that one. But by now he’s a pretty experienced player and he makes a lot of mistakes for a CB.

    Oh, and I believe his one and only official senior team cap was at Trinidad and Tobago in the semifinal round of WCQ. Bradley put out a young team after clinching a spot in the Hex, allowing a number of established players to rest and spend more time with their club teams.


  • phlub


    – scored 1 of 2 goals for the Klinsman era US team in 5 matches.

    – his corner was headed in by jb in the last WCQ against costa rica

    He has a decent past with the US. Still is only 24. Hasn’t didn’t shine for the Crew this season (did have 7 assists), but he is undoubtedly talented as a wide attacking midfielder.

    Understand everyone’s issue, but just saying, he isn’t that bad.


  • Louis Z

    I think ELI meant RB, that is what he played against Real Madrid, when he plays as a MID I have only seen vids of him playing in the left, it wouldn’t be a big strech for him to play LB. What I like about him is the flair of his game for being a German born kid.


  • Jim Jimmy Jimbo

    “The kid has great technical ability” —-

    no, he really doesn’t.


  • Eurosnob

    Dude, they play different positions. Klejstan is central mid, while Rogers plays on the wing. If you want to complain about exclusion of Klejstan, pick one of the central mids that should be sent home. If you want to complain about inclusion of Rogers, then suggest someone who plays Rogers’ position.


  • Eurosnob

    I think you are wrong with respect to Altidore. At the moment, his is our best striker. Altidore led the USMNT in scoring in the last WC qualifying and is a regular starter for the team that is currently at the top of the Dutch league. Who are the alternatives? Agudelo can’t win a starter position with the Red Bulls, Bunbury is in a similar although slightly better position with his MLS club. Gomez had a total stinker of a world cup and will be too old by WC2014.


  • VinceN

    rogers has speed…that’s it…his touch is mediocre at best…I still want to be patient with klinns to see what his plans are…a prime example is the hiring of the Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers…i heard all sorts of complaining in the bay area when the 9ers were in the offseason…not too much complaining anymore…we have to give klinnsman some time because he doesn’t get to be with the team everyday for 6 months. He gets them for 1 week every couple of months…so be patient guys


  • Matt

    Didn’t you hear? Gomez isn’t Mexican enough and Wondolowski spends his free time kicking puppies. That’s why they both weren’t called up but guys like Robbie Rogers were.


  • Matt

    Someone needs to go Tanya Harding on Rogers so we can get someone called in as a replacement. Sorry Robbie, but it’s for the best dude.


  • Matt

    Altidore is not so good that he deserves to always start. We have a lot of strikers in the pool, but he is the only one who gets PT with the Nats. WTF?


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