MLS- Real Salt Lake

LA Galaxy 3, Real Salt Lake 1: Match Highlights

  • Gnarls

    I use Mac at home and PC at work and I have no problem viewing these videos on either. What’s the deal?


  • MassiveCrew

    It also doesn’t run on some HTPCs. I use both, an HTPC and Linux and can view Silverlight on neither. And while I don’t care much for MLSS.com’s use of Silverlight, I do enjoy watching highlights of the matches.


  • hogatroge

    Wow… with those shots off the woodwork could easily have been 4-3 instead of 3-1.

    Only saw about 15 minutes in the first half (inc. both goals), but looks like a cracker.


  • Steve C

    The videos load for me, but my issue is that it toally cripples my computer for about 2 minutes while it loads up to 100%. I literally can’t do anything while it’s loading.


  • jb

    Great match. Man has MLS come a long way.

    Hard to see Houston without Davis beating LA at LA. Hope they can make a game of it though.


  • Kevin_Amold

    Excellent game. The better team on the day won, I’d say. My royals will have to lick their wounds until next year.


  • MassiveCrew

    Espindola’s cracker off the post was an incredible shot. Glad it didn’t go in, but man was that nice.


  • MassiveCrew

    Yeah, its instability is one of the main reasons almost everyone is dropping Silverlight. I’m just sad it’s taken everyone so long to do so.


  • Ricky B. Free

    On the day? I am pretty sure the L.A. Galaxy has been the best team all season long.


  • Gnarls

    MLS needs to step up its game then. Beckham is 36 and 1.5 years removed from a blown achilles. He’s truly great, I’m not doubting that, but it’s on MLS to nurture an environment where one team owning such a player isn’t “unfair.”


  • KevinL

    Keane might finally be the DP that the semi-interested soccer fan will take notice of– definitely a quality striker. His goal one v one with Olave had a very narrow window and he nailed it.


  • Mental Assassin

    I’m more complementing then complaining. His service and work rate is brilliant for the MLS


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