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Must-See Goal: DeAndre Robinson

  • Da Truf

    Now watch Bigsoccer over hype this kid for the next 5 years just because of that lucky goal


  • PetedeLA

    When I see a goal like that on a big stage, it shows me the player has confidence.

    Until the 2006 World Cup I had never heard of Clint Dempsey. The fact that Clint scored from close quarters was not spectacular at all to me, but the fact that he had the cojones to shoot it with the outside of his foot (similar to this kid) spoke volumes to me.

    Let’s hope this young man has a similar trajectory.


  • pancholama

    If the Mexican guy from Univision, Ramirez were calling this game he would have said somethin’ like “……el balon hacia ‘fuera a Robinson, Robinson la prende de tres dedos…Gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, golazo, golazo, azo, azo, azo, azo – GOl-AZO de DeAndre Rohhhhhh- beeen -sohhhn!!!!! Habla me Jesus, que manera de pegarle al esferico, la prendio como los dioses. La tomo de tres dedos, con efecto hacia afuera, y la coloco adonde nadie podia parar la! etc., etc. etc……”

    The operative phrase is “de tres dedos” – by the three toes, ie. with the flat part of your flipper dude, with a little slice, to give it an outside curve. Basic training on every beach in Brazil, on every dusty patch of beaten down grass in Mexico……nothing special.

    Laser guided cruise missile.
    Excuse me, por favor, where is US soccer Michael Jordan……..and Bird and Magic……
    …….bring it on home, bring it on home babe, bring it on home.


  • BananaMyFoot

    I think he was shooting with his instep going to the far post, but the ball a bit off-center, and it ended up going to the near post, looking like a banana kick.


  • Todd Marsch

    That’s my take on it too. It’s still a nice goal, but I don’t think he was aiming to bend it into the near upper corner like that.


  • CD23

    Really? At that point Clint had been ROY in MLS and an MVP candidate for the Revs. He was electric in the buildup to the WC and most people thought he should be starting before the Italy game. He was our best player against England and Norway that year, and scored a goal against Japan as well. I agree though, Clint’s finish spoke volumes about his confidence.


  • jlm

    right, much like diskeruud’s touch against s africa that set up agudelo’s goal. I am not sure that or this goal went exactly as planned. nice to see everyone’s enthusiasm though


  • Meatball

    Manly strike after prancing with the ball looking like he didn’t want to get his skirt dirty.


  • Dan

    weren’t you guy downplaying Mexico’s U-17 World Cup championship this past summer? Now this kid is getting attention for scoring a goal in the same U-17 level?

    (SBI-Always love when first-time commenters come in to talk trash. Dan, this is an American soccer website, so we’re going to pay more attention to American U-17s than we will to Mexican U-17s. And for the record, we did report the Mexico U-17 World Cup win, so try and keep up, or don’t bother commenting again.)


  • bryan

    i was watching the game when he scored this and my first thought was it reminded me of boateng’s AC goal recently. not quite as good, but still similar. both hit extremely hard and end up swerving away into the near post. great goal.

    and if moore had finished his long range blast a few minutes after that, i would have been amazed. that thing dipped so hard and nailed the crossbar.

    nice game though, usa scores 3 of the 4 goals. sadly, one was for france.


  • bryan

    1. who downplayed it?
    2. Ives always posts good goals, regardless. this was a good goal, so it gets posted.


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