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Must-See Video: MLS Cup 2011

  • Russell

    MLS should produce 3 30 second videos similar to this highlighting the season and the finals and run them in Jan and Feb during college basketball broadcasts leading up to opening day.

    Then open the season in Portland.


  • FYI

    Really like the sport coats and ties the Gals arrived in. The NBA guys have this down cold.

    The MLS players can rock their own look if/when they get paid like NBA playas. Until then, the Galaxy are setting the standard.


  • Gnarls

    It was awesome having so many non-Galaxy / non-Dynamo fans at the game. I sat with a ton of Timbers and Sounders fans, which was pretty zen in itself. Everyone was cheering for LA. Felt like a big happy family. Thanks, America.


  • dantheblue

    People who can’t appreciate this sport for the drama and passion are closed minded pukes and Eurosnobs who will eventually get in here to rain on this parade can stick it.

    That was 160 minutes of surreal joy as I stood and sang and chanted the entire time inside HDC. That is why I buy my season seats. I KNEW that this sport would eventually catch on in America and I KNEW I wanted to be along for the ride.

    Thank you to all the money people who believed and all the ordinary people who kept going to the games all around the country. LARS jokes in one of its songs about “…the empty seats at Arrowhead…” but that is no longer valid. MLS is here to stay. And I proud to say that my LA gaLAxy are MLS champs for the 3rd time…

    Well done to all involved and well done to you, IVES, for this awesome website. You and all your contributing writers are amazing. Keep up the good work.


  • Rory

    Almost as much fun as last year’s MLS Cup… almost. For all the schtick people gave about last year’s game, one goal was scored by a mad scramble by a guy on his butt while the other was scored on a fluke because a guy sacrificed his leg knowing it was going to get destroyed, then the defense and goalkeeping on a flurry of of shots by Dallas when they had a man advantage when Kandji was drug off the field. That was true grit and determination… this year’s game had a few flashes of that, and one great flash of skill which is enough I suppose but nowhere near as exciting as last years.


  • EastBayGrease

    Classic shot of Becks spraying champagne. Surely Becks can teach those young’ns something about glam-partying.


  • abc

    I think a lot of neutrals were rooting for the Galaxy even if they don’t really like them, just because of what it meant for the league and soccer in the US, and maybe hoping their own teams will bring in highly-paid DPs.


  • elgringorico

    I sure as hell can’t play soccer as well as them but I guarantee you I could chug more booze out of that there Cup.


  • Colin

    Did you see Chauncey Billups and Kevin Durant at their “important” NBA union press conference? Hardly looked professional.


  • franco

    Not sport coats but offical team suits. All(most)European teams have official team suits. The Galaxy seem to have gotten on board with it after Becks arrival. Soccer teams have had official team suits prior to the NBA instituting the dress code. The NBA players don’t have official team suits, they just have a requirement to wear a sports coat/jacket and tie. MLS players for the most part do that for home or away matches(it depends on the team).

    The next step for mls teams should be removing a limit on charter flights. Teams should not have to fly commercial in 2011, especially with the amount of matches and distance required.


  • Napolean

    Great film. Agree that a few more Dynamo shots would have been in order. But the victors get the last word.


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