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RSL left feeling the sting of missed opportunities

RSLLA (Getty)


CARSON, Calif.– The last time Real Salt Lake and the Galaxy competed for a trophy, it was the 2009 MLS Cup FInal and RSL took the championship. History did not repeat itself on Sunday as this time they lost to the Galaxy on Sunday in a Western Conference final filled with missed opportunities.

"We both created a bunch of chances and they were able to convert two more than we did," explained Captain Kyle Beckerman. "We created the chances and there were a number of saves that Saunders made. It just wasn't our night."

For the most part, RSL was out-muscled and out-played for much of the match, particularly in the second half, with a handful of promising moments, and it was those moments, and knowing RSL had chances on Sunday that sting the most for the losing side.

"When you're home you have that little bit more confidence and you have an extra back or two joining in the numbers, there's options there," said RSL Head Coach Jason Kreis. "But tonight, it's tough to say that when we hit the bar twice in that match. Either one of those go in and it could have been a different night."

"Was it a night we didn't attack well enough?" asked Kreis. "Maybe, but we had chances to score and level the game."

RSL did exhibit great responses to their first two conceded goals by knocking one in via an Alvaro Saborio header after the first allowed goal and Fabian Espindola ringing a shot off the post after the second.

In the final 15 minutes of play, the RSL defenders joined the attacking side of the team leaving the backside completely vulnerable to Galaxy attacks. LA was unable to further capitalize, but they did catch RSL repeatedly on counterattacks as the visitors pressed for an equalizer, which raised the question of whether RSL should have thrown numbers forward so early.

"Absolutely," Kreis said confidently. "When you're down two goals I don't know what else to do. You're not waiting for the last five minutes or the last 10 minutes, you have to go for it and we did. We probably should have been punished for it but such is life, you lose a game by two goals or three goals, it doesn't matter."

RSL may be leaving California defeated, reeminiscing on the missed opportunities will probably sting them for a while, but you cannot fault them for their attitude and their right in the game, nor the season.

"Tonight was a microcosm of the season," Kreis said. "We had our disappointments, we had some moments of brilliance, we had some moments of averageness; we were up, down, and in the middle. But one thing that never changed is that we fought and fought and fought. Even when we were down two goals, there was no quit in out guys."

  • Camjam

    As an RSL fan I was proud of how we played. The loss stings, but it was tolerable knowing that we put up a fight, and had our chances. Watch out in 2012!

    Also, that may have been one of the best games i’ve watched, ever.


  • T

    As much as I wanted RSL to win, it’s kind of like a win-win situation so to speak, yes they lost but they still qualified for Champions League next year, and have some time to strengthen their squad for the next go around. The most thrilling thing to me is that MLS will be awarding money to the Champions League participants next year.


  • Jk3

    I’m pretty sure RSL didn’t qualify for CCL.

    No US Open

    No Supporters shield

    No MLS Cup

    No MLS Cup runner up

    (SBI-LA fills two of these, so one of those spots goes to the next best record in MLS. Seattle is 2nd, but has the US Open Cup slot, which leaves RSL.)


  • dantheblue

    Props to RSL for their season and their performance yesterday. Whenever RSL comes up on the schedule I watch the game with much trepidation. The quality of that club and that organization is high. The other squad that gives me that same feeling and goes back to when they were the San Jose team is Houston. They always give my gaLAxy fits so I’ll be watching that game from me HDC seats on the 20th nervous as heck. GO gaLAxy! Achieve the goal, then re-sign Becks…


  • Vince Clortho

    To be the best you have to beat the best and RSL made a good run of it…I saw JK’s smile of relief at the end of the game and felt the same way…at least I don’t have to stress about the final…It was all too nerve racking


  • Chang

    Still the deepest team in MLS…They will be good for years to come. They just need to get a little quicker on the flanks.


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