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Sporting KC vs. Colorado Rapids: Match Night Commentary

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The first spot in the MLS Conference Finals will be locked up tonight when Sporting Kansas City takes on the Colorado Rapids at Livestrong Sporting Park tonight (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Sporting KC opened the Eastern Conference semifinal series with a 2-0 victory against the Rapids at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, and will now return home where they will be favored to hold off an injury-hit Rapids squad that will play tonight's match without injured starting defenders Drew Moor and Kosuke Kimura.

If Sporting KC can hold on and clinch the semifinal series victory, the regular season Eastern Conference champions would then host the East final on Sunday against the winner of the Houston-Philadelphia series.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump): 


  • Scuba Steve

    With that goal Colorado’s done. Shame. It’s tough to play with so many starters gone for them.


  • bcoug

    Is Colorado aware of the fact that they need to win this game or go home? There is no urgency to their play at all.


  • T

    Colorado is amongst the lower class teams in terms of skill they’re not up there with the likes of RSL,LA,NY,Philly, and SKC when it comes to skill players. They usually rely on their physicality to win games, but when they face good tchnical teams they are destroyed.


  • Kishan Jeter

    I like how you mentioned every team but the Houston Dynamo. Since people like to say they’re a “physical” team, how do they perform when up against technical teams? Do they get destroyed?


  • T

    The Dynamo are a team who generally applies their physicality quite effectively they are more or less technical, in my opnion they’re hybrids as depending on their opponent their style changes every now and then, they can put together a consistent flowing offense sone days and some days not.


  • abc

    Does Zusi get a pass on that whiff because of the weather? That made Brek Shea’s recent slip and fall with the national team (also in the rain) look good. If he did that for for the national team, he would be crucified worse than Wondo at the Gold Cup.


  • ericJ

    People ALL AROUND the stadium are jumping…and the stadium is shaking. Awesome job KC fans!


  • b

    Amazing what a nice new expensive state-of-the-art soccer specific stadium can do for the atmosphere, New England, DC, San Jose and even Columbus take note.


  • Rory

    Right… that lack of skill is why Pablo, Casey, and even Wynne used to play for the US national team, Omar Cummings plays for Jamaica, Kimura is on the verge of playing for Japan, Larentowicz is called in recently for the US, and Caleb Folan played for Ireland.

    Is that lack of skill why they won the title last year over FCD, SJ, Columbus, and drilled LA a few weeks before the playoffs last season?


  • Rory

    It was. It was a very dirty series, what with all the KC hitjobs in Colorado and all the KC dives.


  • Replicant

    Hitjobs? Dives? Where? There was no tackle on besides the one by Colorado near the very end of the second leg that looked like it had intention to injure. Thats just absurd. Folan landed awkwardly (on his own), Kimura wasn’t fouled on it (bad luck). There wasn’t any real dives by either side either. Roger didn’t dive, he got cleats to the back of his hamstring, which can be brief, but intense pain. He had no benefit to dive there, KC was getting the ball anyways. Bunbury was taken down legitimately.


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