Who is your pick for MLS MVP?

Who is your pick for MLS MVP?

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Who is your pick for MLS MVP?

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It is a debate that is sure to heat up in the days leading up the announcment of the final MLS end-of-season awards.

Who is the MLS MVP?

There are candidates scattered throughout MLS, with some candidates having stronger cases than others. In the case of some teams, like Los Angeles and Seattle, you have multiple candidates.

SBI will announce its staff-selected choice for MLS MVP next week, but for now, we want to hear from SBI readers on who they think is the right pick to be the 2011 MLS MVP.

We are presenting SBI readers with a 10-player ballot. In the interest of avoiding the splitting up of votes, we only have one player per team, which left out some good candidates, but this is the most fair way to present the ballot.

Now, without any further ado, cast your MLS MVP vote after the jump:


Who did you vote for? Who is missing from the ballot that you felt should have been on? Why did you feel your pick was the MVP?

Share your thoughts below.

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