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Manchester United 1, Crystal Palace 2: Match Highlights

CrystalPalace (Getty)

The biggest upset of the quarterfinal round of the Carling Cup quarterfinals took place on Wednesday as Crystal Palace knocked off Manchester United, 2-1, with an overtime game-winning goal at Old Trafford.

Here are the highlights:

  • Ivan

    Beyong yesterday’s humiliating defeat in the Mickey Mouse Cup (with a second string team, yes), I am glad to see that the drunk old Scott is losing the plot. With the exception of Giggsie, Nani and Berbatov, Manure is a team full of horticulturalists, lumberjacks and other such non-footballers. They benefit from the fact that so many teams still come to Old Trafford and bent over, hoping to lose by 1:0 and go home happy. It won’t take being schooled by Barcelona and Man City to realize how mediocre this Manure side is. Prediction: 0 tropheys this season and it will only get worse. I am biased, yes, I can’t stand Manchester United, and I am very happy to witness the slow decline of the side with Great Rudolph with the Big Red Nose still clinging to his job.


  • joe

    that is the worst highlight reel ive ever seen. what was the PK for? why did Palace earn that free kick? why show that lame bicycle attempt 5 times? not sure who put that package together, but they arent good at their job. also, whats a paragraph break.?


  • AL

    Not a fan but if there is one thing I know about ManU is that they will be back on top sooner rather than latter


  • Ivan

    Hmmmm, Berbatov is one of the few creative players on the team; yes, he is not the hardest worker on the field but he is one of the few who can create something out of nothing and change the course of a game with a single touch. As a top goalscorer of the Premier League last season (joint with Tevez who scored half of his goals from the penalty spot), he was instrumental to Manure winning the title. It’s another matter that his style of play doesn’t necessarily fit in with Manure’s style.


  • K Bone

    Just like to point out that pretty much every year something like this happens and people like you say SAF is losing the plot. I’m certainly not saying United will win the title or other trophies this season, but I do enjoy reading every year comments like this saying United are done or on the way down. That’s why we play whole seasons. And that was far from a second string team, some of those players won’t even play in the EPL this season. That’s no excuse for losing though. Also, United always start out slow, and in fact they are doing better in the EPL this season then they usually do. We’ll see what you say once the season is over. To me that’s really the only time when you can run your mouth. I can only imagine what you were saying when Chelsea rolled in with all their money…


  • Brent McD

    not a manure fan, but palace’s 2nd goal surely looked offside. their first was a thing of beauty though.

    i saw the match, and macheda’s PK was deserved. agreed, terrible editing on the highlights clip


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