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Monday Kickoff: Beckham not in Paris, Herzog to join USMNT staff and more

Beckham - Getty


David Beckham isn't going anywhere — for now.

Despite rumors that the LA Galaxy's Beckham was present at Paris Saint-Germain's Ligue 1 clash with Lille on Sunday, reports have emerged to squash any notion of that kind.

With a reported move to PSG imminent, Beckham was thought to be in France to finalize an 18-month deal to the newly-rich club.  However, a spokesperson for the English midfielder claims that a deal has not been completed, and Beckham isn't even in France.

With his current contract with the MLS champions set to expire at the end of the month, speculation has been rife that Beckham could look for a high-profile transfer to remain in the fold for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Whether that deal comes to fruition in the future or not, for now, Beckham is still a Galaxy player.

Here are some other stories from around the world to kick off your week:


Speaking of LA Galaxy midfielders, Andreas Herzog is slated to join Jurgen Klinsmann's USMNT staff as an assistant coach, according to the Austrian soccer federation.

The former Galaxy man played with Klinsmann at Bayern Munich in the mid-90's before enjoying a stint with Werder Bremen and eventually finishing his career in Los Angeles.

Herzog stepped down from his post as the Austrian Under-21 coaching position on Friday and told the Austrian soccer federation that he is "facing this new challenge with great confidence."

Herzog will enter the USMNT fold in the January camp.


The collective hearts of Chelsea fans everywhere leapt into mouths as news that John Terry had to be helped off the field from the club's open training session Monday morning.

Terry had picked up a slight knee injury in Chelsea's dour 1-1 draw with Wigan over the weekend but still opted to take part in training.  The English center back had to be assisted from the session by two trainers and was described as in "severe pain."

Despite this, however, Chelsea has eased any concerns over his injury — an achilles strain — and Terry could be available for the club's marquee clash with Tottenham on Thursday.


Cristiano Doni, former captain of Serie A's Atalanta, along with 16 others were arrested after an investigation in regard to match-fixing and illegal betting.

However, this isn't the first time in recent memory that Serie A has been the subject of a match-fixing scandal.  In 2006, Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio and Reggina were all investigated, but Juventus — the current champions at the time — was the only club formally punished with a demotion to Serie B.

Roberto Di Martino, a prosecutor, claimed that "One of the suspects has admitted that these operations have been going on for over 10 years."

After having been under investigation for several months, Doni was eventually banned from Italian soccer for three and a half years in August, and newly-promoted Atalanta was docked six points in Serie A as a further punishment.


What do you think of Beckham's situation?  Is bringing Herzog into the USMNT staff a good addition? How much would losing Terry affect Chelsea on Thursday?

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  • MemRook

    How about the most painful news of the day: Blackburn’s defender Scott Dann and his ruptured testicle! Ouuuuuch. Sidelined for six weeks. Man that makes me uncomfortable thinking about it


  • MLS Supporters across the League

    Any chance Becks can take Adam Cristman (arguably the worst professional footballer of all-time) with him to Paris as an assistant?


  • Dave S in San Jose

    Nor is Becks in my kitchen. (At least, I haven’t seen him. It’s a pretty big kitchen.)

    If there are more reported non-sightings, please let us know! If can eliminate all of the places where he isn’t, then his future destination will become clear!


  • Gnarls

    Cristman bears an uncanny resemblance to Jaws from Moonraker. I can see a future in bodyguarding / intergalactic organized crime.


  • WK

    How many assistants does JK now have, and how many will he get to? And what exactly does Herzog bring to the table- is he the stern disciplinarian to JK’s irrationallyy exuberant motivator? Questions, questions…


  • Vic

    The assistans usually have dual rolls: Richie Williams is U-18 coach, Ramos U-20 and Reyna is technical director. However, there is no doubt the Klinnmann regime is much more expensive then previous ones.


  • MLS Supporters across the League

    “JK’s irrationallyy exuberant motivator”
    since when did we become the North Korean national team?


  • Rory

    I hope JK doesn’t die from working too hard on the team, like Kim Jung Il died from working too hard at making North Korea Awesome, according to State Controlled North Korea television.


  • bryan

    France Football specifically stated they saw Beckham in Paris at the airport. I wish I could make stuff up like that! Maybe it was just a lay over…seriously, we need a Beckham cam! Where in the world is Beckham?


  • Poo

    finally seeing the financial benefit of playing mexico and brasil with 75%+ rooting for the away team! I think so.


  • AdamFromMich

    You gotta love Italian football. Where else could you employ people who put your results from the last 10 years into doubt, but only get docked 6 points?


  • Edwin in LA

    Seriously? They were keeping up with his every move back in 07 and 08? lol

    I’m sure he’s in LA for his kids school plays and holiday/mid year events that most schools will have this week, X-mas falling on next Sunday makes me think most kids will be in School till friday, at least in LA that is…


  • Edwin in LA

    I don’t think Jurgen has all that many assistants?

    He’s right hand is Martin Vasquez who was his 1st assistant. Thomas Dooley is also an assistant. Now this guy makes it 3 plus the keepers’ coach is pretty standard.

    Claudio Reyna is the US Soccer Technical Director, he’s more about seeing the entire system as a whole is progressing and moving in one direction, aligned with Jurgen’s style of play most likely and focusing on youth development as well as helping clubs get to the same standards as pro teams.

    Wilmer Cabrera is the U-17 coach, Tab Ramos is the U-20 coach as Vic said. Richie Williams is the U-18 coach he’s sort of the odd man out but my guess is he’s sort of an assistant to Ramos and Cabrera…. seems like the USMNT at the Senior level is fine?


  • elgringorico

    I read the headline thinking Werner Herzog was going to join the USMNT. Visions of some epic US Soccer film filled my mind. Then I realized it was this guy Andreas, and I was dissapoint.


  • franco

    I may be wrong but it seems the Beckhams left LA and arrived in London on Sunday and later that evening attended the Military awards. Not quite sure where he’d find the time in between arriving in London and getting suited up for the Military awards, to dash to Paris for the lovely Ligue 1 match. Lovely reporting by France Football magazine.



  • Readyformlstostartagain

    I rather think Allen Gordon would take issue with Adam stealing his title but u do have a point.


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