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Red Bulls GM Soler: No moves or loans imminent for Ream, Henry, Marquez


Photo by Bill Barrett/ISIphotos.com


Tim Ream's training stints with West Brom and Bolton are just that and nothing more. Officially.

New York Red Bulls general manager Erik Soler made that much clear to reporters on Tuesday, saying that Ream won't be transferred or loaned out despite what conflicting reports from overseas might suggest.

"Tim is going to play for us next year," Soler said. "I met with him, as I did with every single player after the season, and my message was very clear, that we would like him to go on those two training sessions to gain experience, and also to have a personal benchmark on what the mid or lower Premier League would feel like. Apart from that, we have absolutely no other plans than him returning here and gaining some experience that will be good for us." 

The rumor mill has been churning out stories that Rafa Marquez and Thierry Henry could also potentially be loaned out, but Soler quashed those as well.

As an honoree and guest for Arsenal's 125th anniversary celebration, Henry was present for the Gunners' victory over Everton over the weekend and became the focus of stories linking him to striker-needy Everton for a potential loan. Soler says: Not happening.

"We have no plans of loaning any players anywhere," Soler said. "Thierry's working out at Arsenal to stay fit. We're happy that he's doing so, but he's coming back, and we're not taking a loan for Thierry or any other players.

"We have not been approached by neither Rafa himself or any other clubs. I have had a long chat with Rafa and he's not going anywhere, he's not asked to go anywhere." 

Soler also touched on which areas the team is looking to address in the offseason. After cutting ties with goalkeepers Bouna Coundoul and Greg Sutton and declining the contract option for centerback Carlos Mendes, it's no surprise that Soler alluded to forthcoming moves at both of those positions.

German goalkeeper Frank Rost, who signed with the club as a Designated Player during the summer, remains an option to return between the posts. As for centerback, with Marquez slated for a central midfield role in 2012, the Red Bulls are quite thin at the position beyond Ream and Stephen Keel.

Plans to bring in another central midfielder could be in the works as well, after the Red Bulls declined to pick up Stephane Auvray's contract option. The team traded a second round pick in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft to get the Guadeloupe international from Sporting Kansas City in a midseason acquisition.

"The first priority is a central defender," Soler said. "We're also working on the goalkeeping situation. I think there is a good possibility that we will have Frank here next year. We're still in discussions with him, and we're also discussing with others. We're also looking at a couple of younger goalkeepers, American ones that we want to bring in. So we hope to have a good mix of a good, talented, upcoming American goalie and Frank or another goalie to head that pack, and develop the young kid."

  • Jaguar

    And once again, they are failing to look at the critical CAM position that they need. Who is going to play there, Tainio???


  • Robin

    They don’t need a midfielder. They are stacked.

    Rost (He will return but not as a DP)
    Solli or new RB, new CB, Ream, Miller
    Richards, Tanio, Marquez, Lindpere
    Henry, Rodgers or Agudelo


  • Soler Out

    Soler Out

    Sack Soler

    Worst GM in MLS bar none. Handed the keys to a brand new Lamborghini and crashed it into the Passaic River.


  • gigi

    Actually, in an interview Soler did say hes planning to bring in an attacking minded midfielder with a high goal scoring history..much like de rosario cough* cough*….but in all seriousness, the only high profile DP-s that are in that position and score alot of goals is lampard and del piero….however lampard by alot of sources is linking him to LA if Beckham leaves….however i think it is possible Lampard might be landing in New York. They also said they are looking at two young players with experience abroad……..could be conor obrian and shawn berry.


  • Dan in New York

    I agree they need a true attacking midfielder, #10 type player. They should dump Marquez and try to pick up Michael Ballack or Guti. Teamed with Henry, they would wreak havoc on MLS defenses.


  • gigi

    Its amazing what happens in a year, soler was considered a genius in his first season, one sloppy year and many fingers pointed every which way and its off with his head. If the soler and Hans duo doesn’t bring about success this year, I think the age old revolving doors in new york will bring about a new gm and coach…….however im hoping for a good season….one thing they are showing is they are learning from their mistakes, thats the most important thing.


  • gigi

    I love Guti, dont see him playing here though…..i heard hes looking to make the jump to china or saudia arabia- somewhere “exotic”…..ballack, would love to see him here because one of the reasons de rosario was supposedly cut is due to the fact he didn’t fit in the system aka. didnt back track that much….ballack can do that- and ive been wanting him in new york for a while. A great character to have in the locker room.


  • gigi

    Id also like to see Restrepo play for new york, i think his contract is ending up. I can see him playing here if a good offer is made. Having him and Rost as goalkeepers would be awesome.


  • Rendon

    You still have 2 D-Mids in the middle of midfield. They need to be more dynamic there to compete with MLS teams that are getting better.


  • ElMetrofanNo1

    RB have unloaded a lot of dead weight and cleared up a lot of salary. Add to the fact that Robinson will retire. Rost will come at a reduced salary if he stays, but how much less from a DP (350k??) hit? I still don’t like the idea of paying so much for a keeper. The only thing that I wish Nielsen wasn’t here next year. Balouchy has proven to be an OK sub and not a starter. I see at least 9-10 players coming to complete the roster.


  • Josue

    LA doesnt need Lampard or Del Piero if Becks leaves. They are just fine with Sarvas and Cardozo as playmakers. They need another striker to partner with Keane.

    Del Piero or Lampard would be perfect for NY


  • Takahashi

    If they pull off a Lampard, Del Piero, Ballack, or Guti and they are geniuses once again.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    When I saw the beginning of the headline: Red Bulls GM Soler I was hoping it was saying he was fired. Ahh to dream. The truth is this team needs to get younger and better. And yes, you can do both. Whether or not these knuckleheads can pull it off is another story.


  • DingDong

    Someone please send them a memo about there not being a Gold Cup this year but that if they sign Lampard, they may lose him to the Euro Cup.


  • Sabella

    Soler needs to go. There are many reasons why but his continued commitment to Rafa is astounding. It is abundantly clear that Marquez needs to go. Soler’s failure to recognize that highlights his deficiency as a GM. I can only hope that his public position on the Marquez issue is a good poker face.

    Assuming the Red Bulls are unable to procure any new talent, I would pair Luke Rodgers and Agudelo upfront with Thierry playing as a withdrawn striker/offensive central midfielder. I would play Taino as the work horse defensive minded central midfielder.


  • Martin

    The only thing Soler did wrong was let De Ro go, but he did bring him in in the 1st Place. His other moves have been stellar. Look at the talent vs. 3 yars ago.

    NY fans are the biggest whiners…sheesh


  • Juan

    Soler oversaw an IK Start team that was relegated and nearly went bankrupt. Hans Backe is a second division english coach that has demonstrated he is completely over his head. I think “genius” is not a word that will ever apply to these guys. Give me the biggest budget in MLS and I can also sign a few players like Henry, Marquez or others to play in a city like New York. What we want and deserve are guys who can manage a futbol club. Is it any surprise that ticket sales are a disaster for next year despite having huge names on the field…


  • The Second Ball

    It’s smart for Ream to stay with the Red Bulls, for now at least. His training stints at West Brom and Bolton were a good way to get his feet wet in the Premier League. When an American makes the jump to the Prem he has to be sure he can go there and consistently contribute. I’d hate to see Ream leave now an end up splitting time between the firsts and reserves. Better for him to wait a year or two.



  • Charles

    You people need to get your facts straight.

    FIFA 12 has NY as the best team in MLS so quit ripping on Soler.


  • Eltito

    Rafa Marquez is over the hill, he actually sucks!
    Henry is a lazy bastard, he thinks his s.hit doen’t stink!
    Ream is at least trying, maybe in a couple of years he’ll get to reach his peak


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