Match Highlights

Everton 1, Manchester City 0: Match Highlights

  • Soccer Guy

    Yes I always say I like people and root for them when they have murdered my family.

    Do you ever read posts before you respond to them, or do you just like wallowing in your ignorance?


  • Soccer Guy

    Thanks for having the courage to say what you really think instead of fearing an attack from a mindless mob and just repeating what they say.


  • Soccer Guy

    What agenda is that? Make sure your foil hat is on so you can give me your best answer.


  • Soccer Guy

    Yes, I always say I like people and root for them when I have a HUGE axe to grind with them.


  • Soccer Guy

    Can’t anyone respond without making up things?

    I never said Moyes wants Donovan to be more aggressive. I never said Donovan’s play was conservative. That would imply that he is doing what he wants to do and is doing it intentionally. That’s a lot different than playing afraid and without much confidence.

    Then you have the nerve to say I’m assuming things after making your own assumptions. I seriously doubt you read my posts either and you are probably responding to what other people are saying.


  • Soccer Guy

    Well, I don’t post much anymore because of the type of people who respond. So overall it’s not much time, and shouldn’t I make an effort to respond to a slew of people misrepresenting what I have said?

    A lot of the people who post now are far more likely to post when they gang attack someone than they are to discuss the topic. You talk about my responses but look at the ton of other posts. They are nearly all to attack me and nothing to do with the article.


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