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Gonzalez & John skip USMNT camp ahead of potential winter moves


After the lengthy wait to have their chance to impress U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, it appears George John and Omar Gonzalez will have to wait a bit longer.

Both John and Gonzalez are skipping national team camp in Arizona to attend to potential winter moves. John has left the country to pursue a potential transfer while Gonzalez is mulling over loan opportunities.

Seattle Sounders defender Jeff Parke and midfielder Brad Evans were called in to replace the two centerbacks in the camp.

John is entering the final year of his MLS contract, making a winter transfer move very likely. A Gonzalez loan deal is a bit more surprising, though he has been linked to interest from Mexico and various clubs in Europe in the past.

  • SteveCO

    Ream has NT starts so he would be easier (based on England), Gonzalez would have to be somewhere else, no way he would pass their rules.


  • Ted

    i agree, as much as i would like to see these two in the upcoming friendlies, i would much rather see them land even better club gigs, in the long run can only be good for the nats. Not as enthusiastic about just a loan for Gonzalez, but a loan with an option to buy at a good club would be nice. In the



    This just in and I really hope he goes to the e.p.l. Omar Gonzalez is in talks with St Etienne, Lille, Toulouse, Newcastle, Eindhoven, Hannover.


  • fischy

    Why? Is he doing that badly at Chievo?

    Oh, you mean the other one…. ha ha. That joke deserves to be retired by now, dontcha think?


  • fischy

    There is no way Gonzalez would get a UK work permit. He’ll need to look at teams on the continent.


  • Mental Assasin

    really, gonna compare the all time us goal scorer to a guy who’s made one appearance?


  • biff

    Chris Rolfe deserves a look. And I think Bobby Convey does also. Does anyone know, did Convey’s rocky relationship with BB totally burn his bridge back to the USMNT?


  • Buck

    Ream could qualify as a hardship. Since soccer is not something he does well, he does have a handicap


  • Buck

    Hey Ives…. how about some camp reports? Who is helping and who is hurting their case


  • BrianVT

    Do you, like so many other posters on this thread, know for sure that Gonz is simply buggering off? Do you know that he and Klinni didn’t perhaps discuss this, and reach a mutual consensus on this move? Heck, maybe Klinni even encouraged it, as a way for Gonz to raise his level of play for future USMNT opps? I don’t know the answers, but do know that “fool” is the one that draws broad sweeping conclusions based on only partial information.


  • Felix

    I hope for their sakes these moves work out, they are passing up a good chance – its obvious for both of these players that callups don’t happen too often.


  • fischy

    Yes, they did. I said they were stocking up on defenders in anticipation of a move by Gonzalez and a possible move by Franklin. I’m pretty sure Andy understood….


  • The Imperative Voice

    This underlines that maybe some of these marginal callups aren’t worth the effort of the advocates…..I’ve heard incessantly how we need to call John and Gonzo to the Nats and when they get it, ho-hum, I have other priorities. Gonzo is flawed speedwise but tall and heralded by the cognosceti so presumably he remains in the mix. I will be interested if John sees a US camp again this cycle because it almost sounds like a Bakare Soumare situation where he’s not red hot about either domestic soccer or the Nat team, in which case forget him. I agree that Cameron is a better, more athletic back. We have plenty of better options; frankly it’s a bit fanboy all the enthusiasm for John.


  • gigi

    ur welcome son- i packed ur favorite cereal in ur luncbox- just rememeber to change ur underwear twice a day- we all know how much u perspire!!


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