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Gonzalez loaned to Nurnberg


photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISIphotos.com

Omar Gonzalez withdrew from the U.S. men's national team camp on Wednesday to pursue an offseason loan, and we now know his destination.

Gonzalez has been loaned from the Los Angeles Galaxy to FC Nurnberg until at least the middle of February, the German club announced on its website on Thursday. Nurnberg chairman Martin Bader said the club had hoped to make a move for Gonzalez in the summer, but that the opportunity to acquire the centerback came up earlier than expected.

Gonzalez trained with Nurnberg's first team at a training camp in Turkey on Thursday morning, as the club continues its preparations for the second half of the Bundesliga season.

Joining U.S. international Timmy Chandler on a team that is just above the relegation zone, Gonzalez could make his debut for Nurnberg on Jan. 21 when it takes on Hertha Berlin.

What do you think of Gonzalez being loaned to Nurnberg? Think he should have stayed at the U.S. national team camp? Hoping the loan becomes a permanent move?

Share your thoughts below.

  • The Imperative Voice

    You can work on the raw edges of an athletic player but you can’t make a slow, positional type much faster. You look at how Ream has fared at the US level and it points out how speed (and decisionmaking on the ball, FWIW) matters.

    I always felt Cameron was better on the wing as a mid, rather than in the center as a #10, but I think his level of skill is more than adequate for an international CB, better than Gooch’s (although he’s not as physically dominant). My concerns with Cameron would be he can be too aggressive and dive in, is a little raw and naive sometimes (Berbatov goal in all star game…I’d have put him on his butt before he had a chance), and might want to run with the ball out of the back too much for the level……Cameron liked to go on Beckenbauer runs straight upfield with the ball and in a faster international game that’s ripe for the counter.

    But since h’s already a good CB I think he has more upside really. I tend to think to the contrary that players like Gonzo who rely more on positioning lack more upside because they usually can’t improve much more, it’s all about whether the packaged deal is ready now. If not, they might get a little more sharp and composed but not suddenly better defenders.


  • The Imperative Voice

    What do you think of Boca at LB and Chandler back to RB, then? I think we’re wasting half Chandler’s value on the left, and I worry Dolo has gone over the hill on the right now.

    Something like Boca/Gooch/Cameron/Chandler
    maybe Lichaj in there if he heals.


  • Jya

    They haven’t looked to slow for against teams from other leagues in the Champions those 2 could play in any league


  • Jya

    Unlike other leagues the Bundesliga has a lot of parody its not like the EPL so yes he would be playing top teams just about every time.

    Everton would do just fine in the MLS they are better then the Galaxy. Everton and Bolton’s financial restrictions still give them a much higher budget then any team in the MLS. The MLS teams have real financial restrictions teams like Everton only have financial restriction when compared to the richest clubs in the world.


  • Angel of LA

    yeah but people here were upset cause Klismann never call for Gonzalez or John but now they are in the USNMT roster for Jan. camp they are leaving is that Ironic. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they are leaving to play in Europe but what happen to all I want to play for the USA or why klismann doesn’t call me from Gonzalez cryout and treating to leave to play for Mexico at least john was quiet about it.


  • David

    Me too. Love watching him play and hate to see MLS loose All Stars. But it is probably great for his career. You can only wish him well and hope we get to see him better and stronger for the USMNT.


  • Award

    Personally I wnat to see Fabian Johnson played at LB. He was tearing it up as a LB at Hoffenheim before the winter break. Klinsmann wants to play a high line and possession oriented style of play starting with the CB’s. In my mind Boca does not have the speed to play a highline nor does he really possess the necessary skill set he asking from his CB’s. Onyewu has the skill set and has even gotten better at passign the ball out of the back since joining SCP. Cameron and Whitbread are both faster than Boca, and they are both more technically gifted. It’s only a matter of time before Boca is replaced. By 2014 I see Boca as a sub. I would like to see either Lichaj or Fabian Johnson at LB, and move Chandler back to RB. You are quite right Dolo’s time with the national team is coming to an end. He has become a sub for Hannover now. Oh and Lichaj is training with Aston Villa again.


  • Adam M.

    I’d like to see some parody in the Bundesliga. Who does a good Robben impression?


  • THomas

    Great point louis z…plus he’s been dying for a US call up and now that he got one you think he’d leave w/ out some sort of communication w/ Klinsi?


  • ben in el cajon

    Usually I don’t like fischy’s comments, and he was being picky about the fast league comment, but you are wrong about “Der Kaiser.” It is trademarked in the truest moral sense of the concept. Es gibt nur einer Kaiser: Beckenbauer. Really, no one else can ever have that name. Ever. Anywhere.


  • sef-one

    well, whining about it seemed to work last time. so that plus germany has to equal yes. right?


  • KevDC

    Referring to someone other than Beckenbauer in football as the “Kaiser” would be like referring to someone other than Springsteen in rock as the “Boss”. It’s just wrong.


  • bryan

    i completely disagree with you. playing in the Bundesliga will absolutely better him, especially on a team fighting to stay up. i doubt JK has anything against the MLS. but the vast majority of our best players do not play here. there is a reason people dream to go to a top league in europe, even on a low to mid table team…


  • bryan

    there were only so many spots. basically, ream and orozco got the first chance. it’s nothing against OG or John, but the coaching staff (and many others outside of USSF) rate Ream very high. orozco was used because he is a good passer, quick and has good feet while being decent in the air. i think JK wanted to see that before trying Omar and John who are more like Boca and Gooch.


  • Baal

    I like Omar, he’s a champion. Plus he scores. I wish him the best, and hope to see him next season alongside Franklin on the Galaxy.


  • The Imperative Voice

    It’s quite possible one of the Germans including the Johnson and Morales guys might be superior to Boca, fair point. Lichaj was definitely interesting but he was injured and like Holden and others you’d have to see what he amounted to healthy with the first team.


  • beachbum

    Orozco Fiscal can do some things, and cannot do some things. Decent in the air he is not


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