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Henry scores winner in return to Arsenal

HenryArsenal (Reuters Pictures)

In a game that was begging for a special moment, Thierry Henry stepped up to the task to resume his duties as Arsenal's king. 

Ten minutes after making his return to the field as a substitute for Arsenal, Henry delivered a game-winning goal to lift the Gunners in the fourth round of the FA Cup via a 1-0 victory over Leeds United in front of a delirious crowd at Emirates Stadium on Monday.

Henry, Arsenal's all-time leading goal scorer, came on as a 68th-minute substitute, entering a match that lacked excitement and action on either end. In a matter of minutes and with one right-footed kick, he changed that. The New York Red Bulls Designated Player snuck behind the defense to receive a pass from Alex Song, settled and touched a classy shot inside the far post to cap a dream return and kick off his two-month loan in style. 

Videos of Henry's goal and his emotional introduction into the game are after the jump:

  • Brent

    I thought he was off at full speed. But I stopped the video – ball was clearly off the passers foot and Henry was clearly onside (left back kept him on) – they weren’t even, LB was clearly behind Henry.


  • Stephen

    This just proves what a real finisher can do. I hope that Henry can teach some young American kids how to finish like that.


  • Wayne Campbell

    It wasn’t even a tie. I was able to pause it just as the ball was off of the passers foot. Henry was outside the box, last defender was inside. The defense rests.


  • Still has a ways....

    There’s a way to enjoy the moment with class. If you’re you’re annoyed by my tone that’s your problem. And wanting MLS players to be paid more across the board doesn’t make me bitter, it actually makes me really want up see the league continue to grow and succed.


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