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Mid-Day Ticker: Subotic under investigation, USA U23s tie and more

Neven Subotic (Reuters)


Neven Subotic is one of the top young centerbacks playing in Europe, but his future is under threat after Geman authorities opened a sexual assault investigation against him.

Subotic and three others are under investigation after a 21-year-old woman claimed she was the victim of a sexual assault. According to the victim, the incident happened after a private party at Subotic's residence.

No word on how long the investigation could last, but it is an untimely blow for Subotic, who recently returned to Borussia Dortmund's starting lineup after two months on the sidelines with facial fractures.

Here are more stories to keep your day rolling:


On the same day the U.S. men's national team defeated Venezuela, U.S. Under-23 head coach Caleb Porter saw his side play to a scoreless draw against Saprissa's reserves in Costa Rica. The game, which was played at Estadio Ricardo Saprissa, saw both teams create chances but neither was able to capitalize. 

Here is the U.S. team's starting lineup:

Zac MacMath; Kofi Sarkodie (Sheanon Williams, 77), Zarek Valentin (capt.) (19-Royal-Dominique Fennell, 77), Sebastien Ibeagha (Andrew Wenger, 46), Jorge Villafana; Amobi Okugo (Mix Diskerud, 46), Jared Jeffrey (Michael Stephens, 61), Dilly Duka (Isaac Acuna, 67); Freddy Adu, Tony Taylor (Jack McInerney, 70), Jack McInerney (Joe Corona, 46)

The U.S. U-23 team will wrap up its January camp with a scrimmage against Alajuelense.


Mario Balotelli just cannot get away from making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Balotelli has been charged by the FA for violent conduct following an incident with Scott Parker in Manchester City's 3-2 win over Tottenham on Sunday. The incident occurred when Balotelli caught Parker in the head with one foot before proceeding to stomping on him with the other. Balotelli could face a four-match ban for his actions.


AC Milan has reentered the Carlos Tevez sweepstakes, hoping it can sign the Manchester City forward before the end of the winter transfer window next week. Milan had pulled out of conversations for Tevez earlier this month but it is back in the race for his signature, according to club president Adriano Galliani. Tevez has previously stated his desire to play for the Rossoneri, but Inter Milan and Paris Saint-Germain are also in the mix to sign the Argentine international.


Diniyar Bilyaletdinov has not performed as well as expected since joining Everton in 2009, and the Toffees are set to let him go. Everton has agreed to a transfer deal with Spartak Moscow for Bilyaletdinov. The Russian international has already agreed to personal terms, but needs to pass a medical in Moscow in the coming days to finalize the transfer.


What do you make of the investigation being opened on Subotic? Think a scoreless draw with the Saprissa reserves is a good result for Porter and the U.S. U-23 team? Do you see Tevez signing with AC Milan? How do you look back on Bilyaletdinov's time with Everton?

Share your thoughts below.

  • mug

    Subotic is hardly Ameican. Born in Bosnia, moved to Germany, then came to the States for a few years. I wish he would have chosen the US. I like Gooch but Subotic is better. That being said… ‘F” him and the horse he rode in on.


  • Will

    I’m very skeptical of everything Balotelli does, but for some reason this didn’t seem intentional to me. I almost feel like if anyone else from City had been the culprit (besides De Jong) it wouldn’t be such an issue.


  • CG

    I agree. Get a little too “hot” sometimes and the MLS supporter in me comes out.. the third paragraph is def. redundant. I love the league though and so sometimes I get a little… (just kidding)


  • Powderhorn Pops

    Yes, and it’s unfortunate that a negative story about an alleged sexual assault takes precedent. Obviously, from the comments, SBI know what the readers want.

    I’m just happy that there were no injuries after playing at that joke of a stadium on that joke of “pitch”


  • Dinho


    Come on, wilyboy, no need to get flustered. There’s so much more to defending than just kicking the ball away or heading a ball out. you know that, right?


  • Ryan in NY from NC

    Do you know that in order to be a starting CB for Sporting Lisbon you have to be “good.” Do you know that to be named to 2 World Cup rosters, a player has to be a little more than “good.”

    The fact that you think Gooch isn’t “a good defender” is laughable. He has bad games and good games like every other player. Grow up and stop playin’ yourself.


  • MemRook

    I have two differing responses to this; where there is smoke there is fire. And, it’s a darn good thing that the good people of the Internet aren’t charged with meting out justice.


  • danny

    I’ll take the bait, but yes Dinho is right: Gooch is not a good soccer player. He’s the kinda player you like to have on your team, but he has severe limitations while excelling in a couple areas. BTW: just because he started for the US in a couple world clubs and did well in Belgium and Portugal does not make him “a little more than good.” How’d he do in those 2 world cups btw? Hopefully having defenders like Gooch as key starters for the US NATS will be a thing of the past- those old days when the US lacked enough quality to play any sort of possession.


  • ronniet

    if thats your assessment of goochs’ abilities then clearly you didn’t see him play for the nats against Ecuador(or maybe it was Costa Rica) when his passes were on point the whole game and he even made a marauding run around the 18yd box, laying off a threatening pass to duece, that should have led to a goal…Gooch is back at his best and Portugal has done wonders for his passing and newfound attacking acumen!


  • yeah

    Subotic was never an American. He just happened to be in Bradenton for a few years where he was spotted by US youth coaches.


  • XPK

    I agree that the Pepe one is undeniably intentional, and I have no idea what in the world La Liga is thinking by not punishing him. Perhaps Messi requested that he would prefer destroying Pepe on the field rather than have him suspended for the 2nd leg?


  • PD

    I dunno I always that though that centerback was actually a two person job, on bigger dude who can be dominant on set plays and fending off crosses and a smaller dude who is best with the ball at his feet… I guess because traditional thinking is that it’s rare to find both qualities in one player. With that being said, I think Gooch fits the definition being a good soccer player. I don’t want to see him lining up as a second striker, but that’s not necessary. He does his job quite well, and last I checked he got paid a lot more to play a sport that all of us can’t even get paid to talk about, so…


  • Private Investigation


    Nice article…Thanks for sharing this…Mid-Day Ticker: Subotic under investigation, USA U23s tie and more. By FRANCO PANIZO. Neven Subotic is one of the top young centerbacks …

    Gurpreet Mann


  • RNG

    Or, for another analogy– it’s like saying Shaq isn’t a good basketball player, cause he can’t dribble and he can’t shoot free throws. But you sure would want him on your team,

    Not every player has to have every element of the complete skill set to be a key member of your team.


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