MLS All-Star Game

MLS awards All-Star Game to PPL Park; match format to remain unchanged


Photo by Howard C. Smith/ISIphotos.com

Major League Soccer made official Tuesday what was reported on Monday, awarding the 2012 MLS All-Star Game to PPL Park at an announcement at Philadelphia's City Hall Tuesday morning.

The game will take place Wednesday, July 25, at 8 p.m., and the format for the game will remain the same as in past seasons. A team of MLS All-Stars will take on a yet-to-be-named foreign club, one that will be announced "in the next couple of months" according to MLS commissioner Don Garber.

MLS has played a team from the United Kingdom in each of the last seven seasons. The MLS All-Stars beat Fulham, Chelsea, Celtic and West Ham between 2005-2008 before losing to Everton on penalties in 2009 and falling to Manchester United in each of the last two seasons.

The date of the game is a day before the start of the men's Olympic soccer tournament. As a result, MLS players expected to participate in the Olympics — such as David Beckham and (should the United States qualify) a number of Philadelphia's young players, among others — would be unlikely to be available to take part in the exhibition, as is the case for some players from the eventual opponent.

Unlike last season, however, the game will not conflict with the CONCACAF Champions League. Players from the Seattle Sounders, Toronto FC and FC Dallas were unable to compete in last year's game due to the scheduling conflict. 

What do you make of this development? Who do you want to see the MLS All-Stars go up against? Already planning your trip to Philadelphia?

Share your thoughts below.

  • hryh878

    MLS ALL STARS vs Barca, Real Madrid, Man U, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Inter Milan. Those are the matches people will pay to see.

    nothing less. No more Fulham or West Ham please


  • mistadobolina

    the real all star game in this sport is national team call-ups.. but hey a field of near the top of the list players isnt bad..


  • hryh878

    Congrats to my boi Ream heading to the PL.

    any news on George John? What about Agudelo? Is Liverpool or Stuttgart going for him?


  • mistadobolina

    depends on how you want to present this MLS XI.. there is no way I could ever see a group of players who never play together upset Barcelona, Man U or Madrid.

    Not only is the skill level way above, the team synergy at those big clubs will always defeat a group of un-related players. At least vs. mid table teams the skill level is more even.


  • hryh878

    true but isn’t the whole point to bring in a HUGE club and watch our guys battle it out with them all the while people shelling out big money to watch.

    whose gonna come and see our ALL STARS play against West Brom or Stoke


  • hryh878

    speaking of this, why didn’t Fulham try and tour the USA in summer 07 when they had 3 Yanks on their club. Instead they went to China. Why not summer 2010 or 2011. Dempsey would have helped them sell out stadiums. It’s like Fulham don’t realize how big Clint is in the USA and how he has dramatically helped them acquire hundreds of fans in the USA.

    Use him before they lose him


  • rondo

    It’s a preseason game. It’s meant to entertain. The competitive level for both sides isn’t going to match that of a regular tie.


  • prizby

    maybe if don garber spent 10 minutes walking around in Chester at night, he might realize that holding the game at PPL Park isn’t the best idea


  • Ariel Lopez

    Have you been? I’m season ticket holder at PPL; people go there to watch soccer, not walk past the parking lots, across the industrial gap, overpasses, and blocks to hang out in Chester. Its a beautiful stadium in a poor town, it’s not Disney but it doesn’t have to be for it to properly host this game.

    The fans of this area will sell this game out, no question about it. It’ll be loud, it’ll look good on TV. We will make the MLS proud, so dont worry about Chester, we dont.


  • Martin

    Chelsea was not the current level of Man U or Barca. I’m for a team the caliber of Munich or Milan.


  • fred

    Why ppl and not the lincoln financial center stadium. Soccer has sold out the 64,000 seater Linc stadium before, why would they reduce the possible attendance to 19,000 by choosing PPL park. Its a waste if you ask me.


  • Edwin in LA

    You are correct, it took me a while to remember Jamison Olave for some reason, not that I didn’t know it was him as in RSL starting Center Back who got hurt and all hell broke lose for MLS and we started to suck after that… but for some reason his name got lost in my mind for a minute.

    I hope we can field a healthy team and that Becks plays, if the UK British team plays later in the Olympic tournament maybe he can fly out the next day….hopeful? Yes, expecting it to happen…not really.

    I’ll settle for Javier Morales to be a starter if he gets back to his old form, looks like Ferreira might not be able to =( not soon anyway


  • Edwin in LA

    I guess they really want to showcase their Soccer-Specific Stadiums.

    I think they could of sold out Lincoln Financial Stadium with a game against say Arsenal or AC Milan or even Juventus or Inter hell even Liverpool and Tottenham might of done it, then you have AS Roma who like Liverpool are owned by an American New England area company….

    I think they’ll get about 20K, they seem to fit more people in for specific games, this is why PPL must be expanded and fast there is talk of taking it to 21-22K, then 27K and eventually 32K… lets hope we see the 22K increase before the next World Cup!


  • Alan Allport

    I’m assuming it will not be a big team because it is at PPL and not the Linc. I’ve seen matches at both. PPL is a great park but small. Liverpool announced that they are touring the US this summer… here’s hoping.


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