MLS Draft 2012

MLS Combine Spotlights: Chandler Hoffman, Dom Dwyer and Casey Townsend

ChandlerHoffman (MLS)

The forward class in the 2012 MLS Combine is an intriguing one, as teams try to figure out who the top strikers will be on the board once Akron star Darren Mattocks is taken, as expected, with the first or second pick in the draft.

Three of the most likely candidates to go early from the forward pool are UCLA product Chandler Hoffman (pictured), Maryland standout Casey Townsend and South Florida star Dom Dwyer. All three are projected first rounders, and all three have caught the eye of scouts at the MLS Combine.

Hoffman and Townsend have enjoyed two of the best combines to date, leading the attack for the strongest team at the event. Dom Dwyer shook off a forgettable first Combine day with a strong showing in Sunday's action, showing off the traits that could see him taken early in the first round of the MLS Draft.

SBI caught up with all three forwards and got their thoughts on the Combine so far, as well as some insight into their make-up as players:


  • Oranje

    I don’t get how anyone could have watched the game yesterday and been impressed by Dwyer. he was absolutely shut down by Hedges and will have an even more difficult time in MLS.

    Also, people who say things on Twitter like “#stayhumble” are and never were humble.


  • Blue Ridge FC

    Agreed Oranje…the Spanish have a saying, ” If you say you are, then you are not.”


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