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Onyewu scores two for Sporting CP

OnyewuSporting (Reuters)

Oguchi Onyewu didn't start today's Sporting CP match off in the best of fashions, drawing a first-minute yellow card. He quickly made up for that slow start by scoring a pair of first-half goals to lead his team's 2-0 win against Beira Mar on Sunday.

If you watch the videos below and think you're seeing the same goal, you aren't. Both of Onyewu's goals just look that much alike.

here are Onyewu's goals:


  • inkedAG

    I liked his celebration on the first goal. Looked like a stage dive as he seemed to have taken the whole bench out. 🙂


  • GW

    I don’t need to check their wiki’s.

    They are very similar in their essence. Career starts out well, tails off later on, fans viciously turn on them, write them off as clowns and now they are working on their next act.

    Gooch has more substance to his career and is a little further along on his redemption tour but the basics are all there.

    It’s not apples to oranges,its more like tangerines to oranges, or peaches to nectarines.

    Changing jerseys would have been moving to another MLS team.

    Ream got Coyle, a respected talent evaluator, to spend very hard earned money on him. Ream is being told Coyle believes he can help make up for the loss of Cahill and hopefully help them avoid relegation.

    This is different from what people like you have been telling Ream and unlike you, Coyle backs up his opinion with real money.

    Ream did not just change jerseys, he changed his life. He just got married, moved to a new country and now makes more in two weeks than he did in one year. Talk about change of scenery being beneficial,whatever was wrong in his second year at NY, he has no more excuses.

    If you don’t think this will have an effect on his play you are very foolish. You will find out about Ream now and pretty quick I would think.


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