U.S. Men's Olympic Team

USMNT 1, U.S. U-23 team 1: Match Highlights

  • Ryan

    I don’t know if I should be excited for the U-23 team and the US future, or upset that our MNT is tying them…


  • uDaMan

    I wouldn’t worry too much. (Well maybe a little.) But remember players for these games try not get injured. They’re more warm-ups than anything else.

    Though that said, in other soccer federations their are punches thrown during these games. (Not that we condone that in our society.)


  • SD

    Who on the U23 team missed the shot at the end of the video? If he had a left foot it would have been a goal…


  • Wispy

    Pretty sure that was Mixx Diskerud, and he usually has a left foot. Not sure why he ran around it that time.


  • VADCUfan

    It’s training, don’t read too much into it. Further, this is not exactly the USMNT best XI.


  • Air Jordanz

    I would say a 5-1 aggregate in favor of the senior team means not much to worry about.


  • vik

    He seemed to be looking for the pass instead of just shooting. No pass was on, so he shot. I don’t think it’s a big deal; next time he’ll probably take a crack haha.


  • Eric

    Looked like the keeper had the near post covered already. My guess is he thought his best chance was to bend it around into the back post and that required his right foot. Probably would have been better with a quick, hard and low left footed shot but I think I understand what he was doing.


  • anon

    Same question. Looked like Jones. He whiffed big time. Don’t want to see that mistake in a game.


  • Davidos

    Geoff Cameron had a great quote on another soccer website re: the vibe in this camp, basically along the lines that Klinsman builds confidence, increases the feeling of inclusion for guys who are on the periphery and trying to prove themselves and makes them feel that they are not just playing for their own future but for each other, whereas in years prior the atmosphere in january camps etc was more established guys in the system and then players trying “trying out”.


  • Cameron

    Are we seriously only getting 2 minutes from these games? This gives us no idea how they are playing and what players look like individually… what gives?


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