U.S. Women's National Team

Alex Morgan and the SI swimsuit issue

  • pl

    Have you ever been in a team locker room? or even more common a group of guys? this is what they talk about…


  • Sergio Hernandez

    I don’t understand why people are hating on Alex Morgan for doing this. She isn’t nude, it’s really no different than if she were in a bikini. She is hot, great body, great player. Just enjoy.


  • Mark

    She looks great, she’s probably getting paid, and this will raise her Q score with those outside of soccer commercials. She’s got the opportunity to become the face of women’s soccer in this country for the next 10 years if she can continue to deliver on the field. Sort of like Mia Hamm 2.0…


  • Mark

    Whoops, suppose to read “outside soccer circles”. Clearly my brain and my hands weren’t on the same page there…


  • ThaDeuce


    P.S. Female athetes don’t get near the pay they guys in the MLS get, this is what ya call cashin in baby.


  • ThaDeuce

    Personally I thought people who studied marketing weren’t always the brightest, the classes seemed pretty basic sometimes. But now I see that there is in fact a need for those classes. Thank you The Dude.


  • ThaDeuce

    Awesome. She is a sweet girl. Judging by how awesome she plays I thought she would be a snoot like L.D. Glad to know she isn’t.


  • <3Alexmorgan

    This is on SI????? I had NO idea!!

    I was simply bringing attention to the fact that this was posted on sbi. Calm down, rookies.


  • jonk

    Yeah, because if only this had come out sooner then there would be more rich guys willing to shell out money for WPS teams and Borislaw wouldn’t have been such a thorn in everyone’s side, and and and…

    Anyway, if your point is that it would have generated some kind of buzz amongst potential fans, I think the WWC and post-WWC publicity and Hope Solo on DWTS should have already done more for that than a single photo shoot.


  • Kenny_B

    It’s a bad moment….to you.

    The girl is a tremendous player and she is beautiful. So what.

    Did the domestic league implode because Marta posed or something? Did I miss that?

    Really please explain how Ms. Morgan’s posing ACTUALLY has a detrimental effect on women’s soccer. I just don’t get it.


  • wilyboy

    Two words: Maria Sharapova.

    You gonna tell me that Women’s Tennis didn’t benefit from having Her as the #1 for a while?

    I didn’t say rich investors, I was referring to broader interest from fans. Chicken and the egg as far as interest and investors. Nevertheless, I understand it’s more fun to snark than understand.


  • HerthaBerwyn

    Because its fun to show off and get positive attention.

    By the way. A soccer player with a Brazilian just makes sense.


  • beckster

    If this site provided on-going coverage of the Woman’s National Team, I would have no issue with this post by Ives. However, it does not and to select this as virtually the only coverage of woman’s soccer is very disappointing and certainly sexist.


  • John

    Maria Sahrapova was never #1, she never even won a major tournament. That never hurt her appeal though, and she brought A LOT of attention to women’s tennis.


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