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Fire Notebook: Klopas discusses roster, Oduro earns Ghana call, and more

Frank Klopas (ISIPhotos.com)


The Chicago Fire entered their third and final phase of preseason on Tuesday when they traveled to Charleston, S.C. to partake in the annual Carolina Challenge Cup.

With less than a month until their season opener, the Fire still have plenty of unaswered questions about the squad. Fire head coach Frank Klopas took the time in a teleconference to address these questions and discuss the current state of the club ahead of the 2012 campaign.

The Fire coaching staff have made steady progress in assisting players to return back to full-fitness forms. From fielding players 30, 45 minutes a game in their first phase of preseason and roughly 60 minutes a game in their second phase, Frank Klopas will get a good glimpse of his final product when the majority of his players go 90-minutes in these next three matches.

“Obviously we’re going to push guys more with every game [Carolina Challenge Cup]," Klopas said. "In the first two phases I think we did good in training and in gradually building the guys up for the games. But we also pushed them very hard in training because we felt that we needed to continue to do a lot of work in every phase of the game with every section, the backline, the midfield and the forwards and with the heavy work in training, we gradually built them with games."

Klopas has yet to settle on a starting lineup for the team's March 17 season opener, but he feels very comfortable with the pool of players he has to choose from and will likely rotate players depending the opponent they’re playing.

“I think I know the system that we’re going to play and I think if anything I feel comfortable that we have depth in the team and it’s a good thing because everybody pushes each other and the important thing now is with the games and in training. The guys that are in form, the guys that are playing well, that are working hard are going to get opportunities to play. A lot depends the way we want to coach some games too. If you’re playing home or playing away, I think our system doesn’t change but I think the makeup of the players that you could put out changes a little bit.”

The Fire’s rock-solid midfield made fans wonder where captain Logan Pause’s role was going to be on the field this year. With Sebastian Grazzini, Pavel Pardo, Rafael Robayo and Daniel Paladini all fighting for a starting central midfield position, it is difficult not wonder where Logan Pause was going to fit on that page.

Frank Klopas said he is committed to fielding the best eleven that is available to him and more importantly, players that are in-form.

“I feel that I have some flexibility and options because we’ve added a guy like Robayo who’s a two-way midfielder that can play in that role.”

“Logan was a workhorse. I think the way we played last year where you had Pavel [Pardo] and him in the midfield with Grazzini and Marco [Pappa], you had the flexibility of Marco going forward knowing that you’re defending with six. I think there are going to be different options. He [Logan Pause] can play middle, he can play back, but also that’s going to be dictated on who’s in form and who’s playing well. Games and training are going to make those decisions for us but it’s good to know that we have depth and competition in those positions.”

Klopas has also mentioned that there are no guarantees for Pause.

“The best players that deserve to play will play, always. That’s what a team is for. Whoever is in form, whoever is best on the field because of the way they’re playing and training, is going to be on the field. We have the upmost respect for Logan but if he’s not in-form, if he’s not playing well, it’s the same for him as it is for any other player. It’s about making the right decisions for the team, always.”

With a couple trialists and unsigned draftees still in camp, Klopas has roughly six days to put together a final roster.

“We have very few spots and we have three or four players that are fighting until the end for those final few spots and I think there are going to be some very hard decision for us to make. It’s not easy but it’s a good thing to see that we have depth.”

Klopas did reveal that he is interested in bringing in one or two extra players he had his eyes on even if it is after March 1st.

“We’ve looked at different players," Klopas said. "We might still bring another player in; I wouldn’t say that we’re not. We’re always looking to improve the team. There are some opportunities out there that we’re exploring and whether it’s before March 1st or right after, we might add one or two more players on to the team.”

Trialist Rodrigo Inigo has returned to Mexico while Ivan Guerrero has been released from camp. Klopas said that it was Hunter Jumper’s progress in camp that made it difficult to keep Guerrero.

“That was never easy," Klopas said. "It never hurt for us to bring (Guerrero) in and look at him. I think he did a very good job and it was a difficult decision from our part. But looking at it, we have a very good player at that position, Hunter Jumper, a guy that’s been doing very well and we just felt that that it was an opportunity that he needs to get and progress and move along as a young player.


The number of rumors and speculations regarding superstars coming to the Chicago Fire seem to be growing faster than ever. After fairytale talks of Michael Ballack and Didier Drogba joining the Fire were quickly dismissed, Klopas addressed the latest player to be a rumored Fire designated player target, Mexican striker Adolfo Baustista.

“I think Chicago is a place where a lot of people want to be and play. I have not reached out to Bautista, I have not spoken to any of his representatives so those are just rumors. If it’s the players wish to come and play here then it’s something I do not know about or have spoken to or reached by anyone so I think there’s a lot of rumors out there and this is just one of them.”


One thing that Fire fans can cheer about is Dominic Oduro. After a stellar season with the Fire, Oduro earned his first ever call-up to the Ghanaian national team. He was the Fire’s leading scorer in 2011 and was named team MVP.

Ghana will face Chile at PPL Park in Philadelphia on Wednesday, February 29 at 7pm ET. 

“I think it’s great for Dominic. It’s great that the Ghanaian national team is playing in the United States and I’m sure that they followed Dominic. He had a very good season last year it was well deserved by him to get an opportunity to play with the national team. I’m very happy for him and he’s been looking very sharp in this preseason so far and I think it’s a good thing for a player to be rewarded like this after a good season. It’s very good for Ghana to show that kind of interest because the national team of Ghana has some very, very good players and for him to be considered in that pool and given an opportunity to be seen I think goes a long way.”

  • James

    Pretty nice for Oduro, Ghana is legit national team. I didn’t think the MLS was at that level yet where players in it could be called up to actually good NTs. (no sorry, I don’t count retiree players like Beckham or Keane)


  • RLW2020

    Congrats to Oduro thats not small feat. hopefully more calls to come.

    Also the wiki page for Adolfo Bautista states that he has signed with Chicago.. any new developments here?


  • dan

    You are a moron, Keane is one of the top players for his national team. Plus he was stellar at Villa, how the hell can you say he is a retiree? Bitter much?


  • RLW2020

    most teams have 2-5 players that get call ups most international break. the majority of them are to smaller nations like Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Gambia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Canada, etc, a fair amount of USA and a few European nations; Austria, Latvia come to mind.

    I think its a pretty good way to measure success and rank of a league even tho MLS will never be logistically better for national team call ups for most of the world.


  • James

    Because Keane spent his entire career in the EPL, trained in the best league in the world, developed in the best league in the world. Then on the wrong side of 30 he transferred to LA.
    Oduro spent his entire career in the MLS, our league, and I would assume was relatively unheralded in the international game. Oduro getting a call up, even one, I would put down as a success for the MLS. Keane, him of 100+ caps even before moving to LA, being continued to be called up is NOT worth patting yourself on the back for.
    Please don’t get so defensive, LA and NY are great but the ‘sign declining talent at a cost every other team in the league can’t compete with’ is NOT the way the MLS should go and it is NOT the way to improve our league. Oduro’s situation is.


  • Modibo

    With all due respect to Oduro, Ghana is playing in the US and is still in preseason, and their other leading strikers are in France and Italy, it makes sense for the manager to have a look at him. How many times has that had an effect Considering that they ended the African Nations Cup with two straight 2-0 losses to underdogs, it’s a relatively logical decision. But it still reflects well on Oduru, Chicago, and MLS in general.

    It may be more significant that Nyarko did NOT get a call-up.


  • Jamie

    ^^^Word, my Professors still use this logic as well, but what about all these reputable sources it links to as references?


  • jgdurl

    Except when it’s not. No one seeking credibility on any subject will cite wikipedia as a source.

    And in the case of Bautista, there are no links to reputable sources. Everything was written by some stranger. Read his page and you can clearly find subjectivity.


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