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Mid-Day Ticker: Hazard's Spurs deal, Portsmouth into administration and more

Hazard (Reuters Pictures)

One of Europe's most prized transfer targets could very well be headed to Tottenham this summer.

Belgian playmaker Eden Hazard reportedly has a deal in place to join Spurs during the next transfer window, according to France Football. The report stipulates that the two clubs will still need to come to a transfer agreement, meaning that the move is far from official but is nevertheless along in the process.

Hazard, Lille's 21-year-old centerpiece, has been linked to just about every major club in England with the player vocalizing his wish to compete in the Premier League.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


Rangers isn't the only club in the UK reeling from financial difficulties.

For the second time in as many years, League Championship side Portsmouth is headed into administration. While playing in the Premier League in Feb., 2010, Portsmouth became the first top-flight side to enter administration and was easily relegated as a result of being stripped of 10 points.

With that penalty looming again, Portsmouth could face a trip down to League One, as a 10-point drop would put Pompey level with Nottingham Forest for the first of three places in the drop zone.

Portsmouth reportedly has an unpaid tax bill of about £1 million and was unable to pay its players and staff last month.


Aston Villa's defensive crisis got even worse with the word that centerback Richard Dunne will be out for the next two months after fractruing his right clavicle against Manchester City on Sunday.

Centerback and central midfielder Ciaran Clark also injured his knee in training and has been ruled out for up to a month, leaving Alex McLeish's options in defense quite thin. The injuries leave James Collins and Carlos Cuellar as the club's only fit centerbacks and the struggling Alan Hutton and Stephen Warnock as options on the outside.

American Eric Lichaj, Irish youth international Enda Stevens and England youth international Nathan Baker are next in line to fill in should McLeish need to do a juggling act with his back line.


While the New England Revolution wait for some resolution regarding Colombian striker Jose Moreno, the club officially added forward depth by signing former Bayern Munich II striker Saer Sene.

Sene, 25, had been in camp with the Revolution in Arizona and impressed enough to get a deal. In his time with Bayern Munich's reserve side from 2009-2011, the French forward scored 19 goals. He was called into the first team on a few occasions, including for UEFA Champions League preliminary round matches in 2009.

Moreno, meanwhile, played for Once Caldas on Sunday against Itagui Ditaires and had to exit the match in the second half with an injury, according to game reports. 


Would you be surprised if Tottenham emerged as the winner for Hazard? What do you make of Portsmouth entering administration again? Think Lichaj will have a chance to crack the Villa lineup considering their injuries? Do you think Sene can make in impact for the Revs? What do you make of the latest Moreno development?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Eric

    Amazing for Tottenham if they can come to terms on a deal. I just hope Hazard is coming as an addition to the squad and not a replacement for one of their big names (Modric, Bale) leaving in the summer.


  • Illmatic74

    Yeah I am surprised too I thought Real Madrid would come with an offer that blew all offers at of the water I am pleasantly surprised. I knew my team United had no chance but, I like that Chelsea and City didn’t get him.


  • Eric

    Maybe a sign that they expect to lose Modric but I’m sure they could find a way to get Modric, Hazard and Van der vaart on the field together.


  • BS

    Hazard would come in and relagate Aaron Lennon to the bench or be a replacement for Bale….I am hoping for the former…..COYS!!!


  • Joamiq

    Lennon is probably the weakest link in Spurs’ first XI right now. If Hazard replaces him… oh man. This is really just a rumor and far from a done deal, but if it comes to pass… I will be positively giddy.


  • Max

    Please let this be true. Would be a massive statement of intent for the club. If we added him, it might be enough to convince Modric/Bale to stay for awhile.

    My fear is that this leaked too early though, and it now gives Chelsea/Man City the chance to swoop in and offer triple the money.




    Lennon would make an outstanding second have sub when they wanted to add some pace to counter against a tired squad.


  • Dos

    Bale and Hazard on the wings is an an embarrassment of riches . . . . hopefully they secure Adebayor on a permanent basis, they certainly are fun to watch this year and look to have a great young core if they can hold onto everyone.


  • away goals

    So redknapp can spend his summer looking forward to coaching the epl’s best midfield in the champions league…. or he can spend it failing miserably with the english national team.

    Do the right thing ‘arry.


  • OC

    If anything, Hazard and an Der Vaart would have the most conflict of that bunch. If you think abouty their (un)likelihood of keeping Adebayor at his Man City-grade wages, you could conceivably see Hazard having time at forward in a two-forward set, or replacing VDV when he gets hurt (dude is somewhat injury prone).

    It will be one of those cases where the core 13 or 14 guys start most of the games, with each sitting out once in a while. This is what happens now with Defoe, Lennon, VDV, Kranjcar, etc, whether due to injury or just tactics.


  • quen47

    Yeah but can they afford to keep the whole lot of them? Hazard won’t be cheap. And they will have to give Adebayor back to City. No way they can keep him permanently.


  • strider

    You wonder if they are planning on the $$ (OK Pounds) for Modric to pay for Hazard? If they could keep Modric AND add Hazard, and not lose any other important players, Spurs could be great next year. Will being in the CL be enough for Modric? Why did he want to go to Chelsea anyway? It will be really interesting if Chelsea DON’T make the Champions League. Will Modric even be interested anymore. Adebayor will NOT be at Spurs next year, but that may be why Harry bought Saha.


  • theakinet

    City have 2, um, tempermental CFs. So getting Adebayor may be a priority. Spurs need a big time CF to become elite…But 4-5-1 w VdV Bale Modric Hazard & Parker in the middle?! Yowza. Forget EPL. World’s best MF?


  • name

    though hazard isnt a replacement, id say selling modric makes sense if this transfer occurs. it would be a huge influx of money after modrics departure, and they can sign hazard and christian eriksen (valued by some as even better than modric)


  • GW

    This is a rumour and in England rumours aren’t worth anything.

    Second of all the most important Spurs is issue is whether or not Redknapp is staying.

    If he goes all those balls he has up in the air will fall and everything goes back to default setting.

    Once he decides, then you can start thinking about Tottenham’s future.


  • Joamiq

    I appreciate your condescending suggestions, but I’ll think about what I want to, thanks. Next time before you educate me about whether or not something is a rumor you might want to read my comment first to see whether in fact I have already said that said thing is just a rumor.

    BTW, for your education, this rumor comes from France, and France Football and the other journos who have talked about this are a bit more reputable than the likes of the Daily Fail. That said, it’s still a rumor, and a bit of an outlandish one, and I would bet on it not happening, as enticing as it sounds.


  • Joamiq

    Almost everyone Spurs have bought has been a bargain, and all they’ve done lately is sell. They’ve got a little money to spend. Though the wage ceiling is a big impediment to big moves.


  • GW

    This is America, feel free to think whatever you like.

    Whatever the rumour source, look at it this way.

    If you were the Chairman and you weren’t sure who your manager was going to be next year or even next month, would you bring in a big money buy?

    And if you were Hazard, a big part of going to Spurs as opposed to any of the other English clubs would be Harry as the manager.

    Would you want to go there and find out he has left for the England job?


  • AK

    Better than Iniesta, Xavi, Messi and Fabregas/Sanchez or Ronaldo, Di Maria, Ozil, Kaka/Xabi?

    No way.


  • Knowles

    I always wonder why LAG don’t consider making a move for Dos Santos. Probably unrealistic b/c Spurs will demand at least a $5 mil or so transfer, and he’d prob prefer Spain, but given his youth, marketability and plain skill, he’d be arguably the best ever DP outside of Beckham and Henry


  • Joamiq

    As for the first question: maybe. While Levy and Redknapp certainly consult with each other on moves, it seems fairly clear that when Levy wants to and can do something, it happens. Managerial uncertainty is not convenient, but either way Levy has to get Spurs ready to actually stay near the top of the Premiership this time, unlike their last UCL campaign.

    As for what Hazard is thinking I can’t even hazard a guess (sorry, bad pun). Harry and his style are probably a draw, but Spurs also happen to be the only team in England that is both certain to finish in the top 4 and also to insert him immediately into the first XI. If playing in the Premiership and the Champions League is his ambition, it makes sense, regardless of Harry. But who knows what he really wants. He might just be buying into the media’s adulation of Spurs (which is deserved, I think, but I’m biased) and might like the idea of going to a non “big” club. Or he might be meaninglessly flirting. Or he might be using Spurs as leverage. Who knows.

    That said, I’d still put my money on this not happening. Wages, and the question of why Hazard would agree to this now rather than enjoy an all out bidding war in the summer, are the main issues IMO.


  • Air Jordanzz.

    Several reasons, most notably that LA has no more DP spots.

    Also, Gio (or at least his agent), doesn’t rate MLS. That might be because the main team trying to sign him to date has been the Dynamo (which is located in neither of the earthly paradises that are LA or NY), or he might just think it’s beneath him.

    Still think a 1-yr. deal where he could dominate would be good for his trade stock.


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