Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Lionel Messi

LeoMessiBarca (Getty)

Barcelona was ten minutes away from dropping more precious points and making catching Real Madrid atop the Spanish Primera title even more impossible. Then Lionel Messi stepped up to save his team yet again.

The Argentine wizard delivered this perfect left-footed free kick to help Barcelona post a 2-1 victory over Atletico Madrid on Sunday. Here is the beautiful goal:

  • BrianK

    Unbelievable! Could you draw it better with a telestrator pen? Could a computer have conceived a better trajectory? Messi is a freak.


  • jonk

    Unreal. Funny thing is the Barca players wouldn’t have been ready for it if he was crossing it in. Puyol wasn’t even paying attention.


  • Jon

    I don’t know what that dude said, but I concur.

    Watching it live, I couldn’t believe Ray Hudson’s reaction wasn’t more.


  • away goals

    Yeah nobody was paying attention. He took it early because the gk was on the near post setting up the wall. Obviously he thought there would be a whistle.

    Great awareness from messi. Execution wasn’t bad either.


  • Andy

    He’s no Henry, but it was pretty nice. Good awareness to see that the goalie wasn’t ready.


  • Jamie Z.

    What a ridiculous statement! So Messi is not worth watching until some indisputable authority on the matter (yourself, apparently) deems it deserving based on the arbitrary stipulation that he leads Argentina to a World Cup title? Boy, you’re going to have trouble finding anything worth watching anywhere with those standards.

    Excuse me for calling you out on this, but it’s such a ridiculous attitude to have, yet it’s so pervasive. Apparently the world’s best isn’t good enough for your discerning tastes. This is all clearly beneath someone of your stature.


  • jonk

    Seriously. Why even bother following the USMNT then either? They sure as sh*t aren’t gonna win the World Cup any time soon.


  • Kanuni

    He’s no Henry in the sense that he doesn’t have a statue of him in front of the Emirates?


  • Roberto

    Idiot, wake me up when the US EVER wins something in any FIFA tournament. grande messi, el MEJOR del mundo


  • roberto

    To that idiot who said wake me up whenever messi takes Argentina to the WC final. Don’t you know that winning Champions league nowadays is hader than that? that IS the real world cup, so how many WC did messi win? I lost count. Some people in this country are just jealous that they will never ever ever produce a player to even clean Messi’s boots. Messi sos el mas grande de la historia papa


  • Matt


    thats the best joke ive heard in like years.
    Ronaldo will always have to be ok with the fact that the sole purpose of his existance is to live in Messi’s Shadow, as thats all he has ever done


  • KC

    Messi teaching Cristiano how to take a free kick.
    At last count Cristiano had 31 attempts with 0 goals this season.


  • Joamiq

    Perfectly placed kick, and obviously good awareness on his part. But the keeper still being at the near post setting up the wall takes away from it for me.


  • Ivan

    Leo Messi is the best player to EVER play the beautiful game! I feel privileged that I can watch him on a weekly basis on Gol TV in La Liga.


  • Manny

    Messi has had more attempts than Ronaldo all season…I still wonder why Messi still takes freekicks…they always go wide or always at the wall. I know he just scored but how often does he really do it. Ronaldo consistently makes freekick goals.

    Both Ronaldo and Messi’s goals where awesome. Both had the balls, talent and confidence to pull those shots off.


  • Manny

    Geez, wait til he plays in another team that doesn’t have Xavi or Iniesta before you crown him the best ever.

    How bout a world cup first?


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