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Okugo, Johnson talk U.S. U-23 camp

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    Good showing for the U-23’s today against FC Dallas. Notching a 2-1 win with Adu getting two Assists as the #10. Shea and Opara as the two goal scorers. Not high on either Bunbury or Agudelo at the moment. Not a great showing from either one.


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    Oh and I really hope Porter continues to play Adu as the #10/CAM. It’s his natural position. Adu is at his best when the offense is running through him. Adu’s two best positions: CAM in a 4-3-3 and support striker in a two striker set-up.


  • louis z

    I’m kind of worry that two of our best homegrown strickers haven’t yet hit their strides in recent games and things are going to get more competitive when the late commers get in to camp.


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    I am still at a loss as to why Porter did not call in Andrew Wooten. Who has shown better than either Agudelo or Bunbury. Good thing Terrence Boyd will be getting in in a few days. WOuld like to see this Line-up against Mexico.
    Morales, Opara, Valentin, Sarkodie
    Diskerud is a #8 and will be pushed up a little higher as the regista(Deep lying playmaker) behind Adu the trequartista/fantista. Okugo as the #6 DCM


  • David St. Hubbins

    Boom Opara goal in U-23 scrimmage against FC Dallas boom.

    If that dude stays healthy he could leapfrog John/Ream/Omar.


  • Dimidri

    Gotta love Sean Johnson, every time I hear that dude speak I think more and more highly about his future.


  • Louis Z

    I’m under the believe that Porter only needs two CFs, Boyd being a goal scorer in almost every camp he has attended. The curious part is that Wooten is suppose to have a better goal tally in the regelia than Boyd but they are in different regelia regions. Porter was Bunbury’s coach at Akron, maybe he wants to have an alternate CF that knows the way he wants the forward spot to be played. You make an argument that both Boyd and Wooten are scoring while Bunbury still hasn’t found his stride from last season or to be more precise is rookie season.


  • Sergio Hernandez

    Haven’t watched the highlights yet, but I know Agudelo is working his way back from an ankle injury. He’s probably not fully fit yet. Glad to hear Opara scored! Oh, and it’s nice to hear Shea playing against his club.


  • bryan

    good video. the better video was the rejuvenation one when they went to the beach in FL. not sure how old that one is, but it popped up at the end. boyd is pretty funny.


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