U.S. Men's Olympic Team

Studio 90: U.S. U-23s prepare for Mexico

  • Four Cents

    U23 Mexico < USMNT Italy – I'll be keeping an eye on them both, but with it being the senior team vs Italy. In Genoa.. Come on…


  • malkin

    It’ll be televised on Univision. But my question is any official streams out there? Univision.com has had some in the past I know, but not always…


  • malkin

    ps, I had to google “SIAP” before replying. Perhaps you should have said “SITPVGMTA” for “sorry if the posted video gave me the answer” 🙂


  • RK

    Still a lot of guys worth watching and seeing on the field together. Gyau, Mixx, Corona, Adu, Duka, Taylor,etc. First real chance to see Juan after his Euro training since he hurt ankle before Jan friendlies.


  • Edwin in LA

    Well they also don’t have Josh Gatt for some odd reason, wonder if his injury he received during the Jan camp is still lingering or if he’s barely getting back to fitness from it, could be that his club wants him resting for the upcoming start of their season.

    Mexico will have some players missing as well considering the likes of Jonathan & Giovanni Dos Santos are both eligible for this team but likely won’t take place in the qualifying, unless Redknapp actually releases Gio, doubt Barca lets Jonathan go…


  • abc

    Seriously. Although I am still excited for it, I don’t know how anyone can be more excited for the U-23s when they won’t even have Shea, Altidore, Chandler, D Williams, Boyd, Wooten, Gatt, and others.


  • abc

    Gatt wasn’t released, which is a good thing for him, hopefully he will play an even bigger role at Molde this year.


  • Andrew

    Wondering who the U-23 will start. Hoping for


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