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Studio 90: USA prepares for Italy

  • Polo

    If the players take the initiative and listen to what he is sharing with them, Klinsmann has the potential to be a major benefactor in their careers.


  • CroCajun

    I was referring to Rossi, Balotelli, Aquilani and Cassano. Granted, these players won’t be missed as bad as we’ll be missing Donovan.


  • Andy

    Well, Di Natale never gets called up anymore. It’s already been established by the coach that he’s too old from what I understand. I forgot about Rossi somehow! (injured too long I guess) I’d say he counts as much as us not having Stuart Holden though. And I thought Aquilani wasn’t called up because the rest of the midfield crew is preferred over him. I’m probably wrong though haha.

    Either way I agree with you CroCajun that those are definitely not big misses compared with Donovan because they have so much depth and quality.


  • CroCajun

    Yeah, I don’t follow the comings and goings of the Italian national team as closely as I do the USMNT, but I’d have to imagine that if available, Cassano and Rossi would be involved in the game. Not saying that Pazzini and the Juve guy who’s name escapes me aren’t more than capable replacements.

    I will say this though, if I’m Aquilani, and the coach called in 4 keepers over me, I’d be bitter.


  • span16

    Italy also not starting Chiellini who is a fixture at CB. They are starting Ogbonna who plays in Serie B for Torino.

    Balotelli wasn’t called because his recent suspension in the EPL violated the Italian Feds code of conduct.

    In attack, you’ll see Matri (Juventus) supported by Giovinco (Parma). Giovinco is a poor man’s Messi getting his first start for the Azzurri. Between the two of them they have 1 goal in 10 appearances for Italy.

    Also read that Italy will start in a 4-3-1-2 with former Inter (now PSG) player Motta as the “1”….this is not a position I’ve ever seen him play. The other MF (Pirlo/Nocerino/Marchisio) are all most comfortable in central roles. Nocerino and Marchisio both love to make late runs in to the area to score and both have 7+ goals in Serie A this year.

    As such, I would imagine that Italy will be narrow in attack but with the aforementioned Giovinco being given the opportunity run along the defensive line picking spots to attack the US and support Matri.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see a switch to a 4-3-3 in the second half with Roma’s Borini (a winger) getting his first cap and Pazzini coming on as well.

    From the US standpoint, I’m very disappointed that Chandler and Donovan won’t be there to attack from wide positions, but interested to see what Brek Shea can do.


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