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Brawl mars Union friendly in Costa Rica


There was nothing friendly about the Philadelphia Union's scrimmage against Costa Rican side A.D. Belen on Thursday.

The match between the two sides had to be called off after a brawl broke out after a Michael Farfan tackle with Belen leading 2-0. Based on video of the fight, Brian Carroll, Keon Daniel and Zac MacMath were at the center of it all before coaches, officials and players separated the two teams. The Union have not commented on the incident since it happened.

Video from the game, including footage of the fight, is after the jump:

  • Chicano4DaUSA

    at first i thought, “are there any mexicans on these teams?” after coming up with “no”, i was perplexed as to why there was fighting. then i thought, “well, maybe some players identify w/mexico in some way”. take for instance donovan & dempsey, they grew up playing w/youth mex leagues. so here’s what i believed happened: michael orozco fiscal’s experience in the mexican fighting leagues rubbed off onto danny califf, who then became a full blooded thug, which then rubbed off to farfan. case solved.


  • Paddy Megroyn

    “Brain, you are part of the problem.”

    This is the post of the day. Please let us know what your brain responds with.


  • TonyT

    I’m sure your parents, grand parents and your whole blood line would appreciate that line… they must be so proud of you.


  • mmv

    Sad to see but crap happens. Learn from it and move on. It didn’t happen in the league or in our country which is bad in that sense it portrays a bad imagine of Philly and MLS. I’m sure the Costa Ricans weren’t angels and they probably played a role in the misbehavior but still you have to be mature and avoid these incidents.


  • cajun

    Shame on Philly and the coaching staff. In a friendly, they’re supposed to be ambassadors for MLS and the United States in their travels out of country. Epic fail all the way around.


  • Joe Rogan

    Actually, it looked like Michael Farfan, who is Mexican American and played in Mexico before signing with the U, started the brawl. He gets fouled, shoves the guy, turns around, runs 20 yards and crushes the guy from the other team dribbling down the field. Horrible hot headed foul, imo.

    Good to see MacMath coming down to add his size. That kid looked pretty big compared to everyone else in the “melee”.


  • Chicanito4DaUSA

    i come from a baseball family. Some played semi pro in Mex. They could care less for footie, and i could care less for beisbol.


  • Sad

    Coward’s tackle from the Union # 21…

    Doesn’t matter what was edited or not edited or what preceded or didn’t precede the tackle; that tackle does not belong in the game, freindly or otherwise.

    Reminded me of that coward Brian Mullan…


  • Air Jordanz

    Yeah… I was waiting for someone would break the leg off a chair and stick somebody with it.


  • Air Jordanz

    Don’t know that “coward” is the right word.

    Still, it was a pretty crappy tackle.


  • Brendan in Philadelphia

    Highly and peculiarly edited video put together by Belen. I’m a season ticket holder for the Union and bring my 5 and 6 year old to every game. The players have been the epitome of class and Brian Carroll has been consistently even-keeled. I’ve never seen him come close to losing his temper. I’m inclined to believe there is MUCH more to this incident.


  • dhines

    seriously dude, either you are trying to be funny (and not) or you are an idiot.


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