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The Unstoppable Herculez Gomez

Gomez (Getty Images)

To say that Herculez Gomez has seized his opportunity would be accurate, but it wouldn't quite tell the whole story.

Gomez has made the most of his chance to start for Santos Laguna after an injury to Darwin Quintero opened up a place in the club's starting lineup. With five league goals and three CONCACAF Champions League goals since Feb. 26, Gomez is enjoying one of the better runs of goalscoring form for an American anywhere.

Only Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore have had comparable goal spurts during their respective seasons abroad, and Gomez might not be done just yet. According to Mexican Clausura statistics, Gomez, who has scored in six straight games, is scoring once every 72 minutes in league play, by far the best ratio in the Mexican Primera Division for a player with at least four goals. 

He's not doing it with simple tap-ins either. His combination of volleys, well-timed runs and headers has helped Santos Laguna to the top of the Clausura table, and he is bringing back memories of his 2010 Clausura run, when he won the league's Golden Boot while playing for Puebla.

As Gomez prepares for his next potential victim during Santos Laguna's CCL semifinal clash with Toronto FC Wednesday night, here's a look at all of the goals during his latest scoring spree:














  • Alex

    a huge injustice if he isn’t on the WC qualifying roster. the man knows how to finish!


  • 2tone

    Strikers I want to see called in Wooten , Altidore, Gomez, Boyd, Estrada. Actually Here is my 25 man roster for the May camp. Klinsmann may make it a bigger camp, but I am going with 25.
    GK: Howard, Rimando
    Defense: Chandler, Dolo, F.Johnson, Parkhurst, Gooch, Goodson, Whitbread, Boca
    Middies: Donovan, Dempsey, Shea, Gatt, Adu, Torres, Bradley, Jones, Edu, D.Williams
    FWDS: Altidoer, Boyd, Estrada, Gomez, Wooten


  • Dimidri

    Every reason people always give not to call up Herc is kind of a reason to call him up-he provides something different that, when JK’s system isn’t working out for whatever reason in a given game, Herc can come in and goal poach, etc. I also find it comical that people say he scores against bad Mexican league defenses but MLS strikers are fine? I love MLS, and think the talent gap is closing, but the defense in Mexico isn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

    There just isn’t another striker playing, and playing well on a comparable caliber team besides Jozy. Even if you somehow put another striker or 2 ahead of Herc, it is inexcusable for him not to make it.

    BTW-‘former USMNT striker’ on his twitter? Why?


  • wilyboy

    In the wake of the u23 disaster, players like Herculez Gomez and Geoff Cameron give me hope. Quality players that, in their careers, have been overlooked over and over again. These players have worked themselves into the National Team conversation with their talent and their will to improve.

    Talent gets you in the pool, but it doesn’t help you swim.


  • ac

    I know players have to be a part of the system, but Gomez hasn’t even been given a chance in the system…The guy scores goals, simple as that…If he doesn’t start on the USMNT, he’ll be an awesome super-sub possibility….GIVE HIM A CHANCE JK!


  • Dave from Charlotte

    he does need to get back into a camp – definitely adds another dimension to the team.

    I’m also happy for him and the success he’s found.


  • daniel

    I always find it funny too. Many here claim defense in Mexico is worse than MLS, but then MLS teams usually have trouble scoring.


  • mark

    I feel that Herculez is a much more effective striker than Jozy, especially in USMNT games.


  • Dan H

    People have called him a goal “poacher” but looking at those video clips, that’s dead wrong. The dude is a bona fide “finisher” with a killer instinct around the goal. Gotta give him another chance on the USMNT during WC qualifying.


  • chuck

    He brings something that no other American striker brings. When that “something” is score goals, its shameful that he hasn’t spent more time with the Nats.


  • 2tone

    Dude that volley goal against Puebla was sick. Reminds me of that Marco Van Basten volley goal in the Euros.
    Yes I wouldn’t worry Gomez will surely be called in for the May Camp


  • FMF_fan

    He’s a much better (multifaceted) player than when he was at MLS. (And no poached goals this season that I can remember).

    He still has a very good touch, speed and a fearlessness/ability to shoot from anywhere on pitch but has added the air game to his arsenal as well as holding ability and a willingness to help out his defense for the full 90.

    He’s a bit of a late bloomer… but he’s blossoming which is (unfortunately) more than can be said of other US strikers.

    Would be interesting to see what combo of forwards would work best (Agudelo, Altidore, Herc, Davies, Buddle, Dempsey, Donovan). Seems what USMNT needs as much as anything is chemistry/continuity and a creative mid (especially if Donovan is going to be a forward or a disappearing act).


  • DavidKamerun

    It will never happen, but if the Union could bring in Gomez — a proven scorer and a easy fan favorite — I might, just might, forgive Nowak for Le Toux and many other things.


  • GW

    Which of these four would it make the most sense to invest in for 2014 Jozy, Boyd, Wooten,Buddle, Wondo and Gomez heading into 2014?

    Bear in mind that older guys like Buddle Wondo and Gomez could have a vital role to play in qualifying even if they don’t make 2014. If the USMNT fan base has learned nothing from the Olympic debacle ( and I have my doubts) maybe you all will realize qualifyng for the World Cup is never as easy as you all believe it is.

    Also bear in mind while a four striker group is normal, in a 23 man roster where versatility really matters over a short tournament, Dempsey,Donovan ( should he ever show up) and maybe Corona can serve as that fourth striker.


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