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Impact sign Italian striker Corradi

Corradi (Getty Images)

The Montreal Impact needed help at striker, and help at striker is what they have received. 

The Impact signed 35-year-old Italian striker Bernardo Corradi, a veteran of Serie A and someone who brings a wealth of European experience and goals to the Impact. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but reports out of Italy in recent days suggested that Corradi was going to be on a short-term deal that would be revisited in the summer. The Impact did not confirm that in their announcement.

Corradi, a one-time Italian national team player, was most recently with Udinese, and he also spent time at Chievo Verona, Lazio, Manchester City and Valencia, among other teams, throughout his career.

He had joined the Impact on trial at the end of February and appeared in a preseason game at the Disney World Pro Soccer Classic, assisting on a goal against Swedish side BK Hacken. Corradi, who joins Matteo Ferrari as Italians on the Impact, helps fill out a forward line that struggled to muster many chances in the season opener against Vancouver on Saturday.

What do you think of the signing?

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  • span16

    He’s a journeyman forward. He won’t create chances on his own and he hasn’t been productive since at least 2009. I suppose if the price is right it is worth a shot…but I wouldn’t expect much out of a 35 year old.


  • JGD

    Good thing it’s only a 3-month deal. Definitely not the goal scorer they need, as he’s never scored more than 12 in any season.

    Still hoping they spring for Ballack in the summer. They desperately need someone in central midfield.


  • BSU SC

    Before everyone jumps on the “old man bandwagon” lets give him a chance to prove himself. Beckham is 36 and still has gas in the tank.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Just because he’s Italian doesn’t mean he’s good. And you can’t compare him to Becks because they are close in age. Becks is a player that comes along once in a generation. No one has the pin point passing like Becks does and he’s still doing it. I would have rather seen them sign an up and comer who needs developing and not a down and goer who wants a chance.


  • BerlinTexas

    And we all thought that Montreal didn’t actually want an overpaid, injury prone, past his prime striker…jokes on us.


  • TGA

    Yippee!! another washed up Euro….who is also a no-name Euro. Is it a pathetic commentary on MLS and/or soccer in North America that we dont have a single domestic player USA or Canada goal scorer that MLS has to sign a no-name Italian?


  • Helium-3

    Beckham is on a completely different level than Corradi. Corradi will fail to make the grade in MLS because it is a fast & athletic league. He’s a hard working forward like Ching who can set up others but don’t expect him to be the main scorer.

    Montreal already have an old guy in Sebrango who plays a similar role so this signing makes no sense at all.


  • Vic

    Whoever is signing foreign players for Montreal should be fired. There foreign players are much worse than other MLS teams.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Yeah but I don’t think anyone was questioning Beckham’s gas in tank and productivity. I’d take Giggs tomorrow because he still produces at his age. But Corradi has never been incredibly productive for a striker, played his last first team soccer in 2010, and went 0-fer that season. In that context at that age there’s a real chance he’s a dog, and Montreal might have done better to sit on the roster and cap space until summer. Granted, they can cut Corradi this summer it sounds like but those kinds of deals tend to create drama mid-season. Houston had a fair amount of turmoil cutting Koke on a similar deal last summer. The player may argue they didn’t get a full shot, air it in the media, etc. The contractual escape hatch doesn’t gte you out of drama.


  • The Imperative Voice

    I am unimpressed by their personnel management so far. They netted very little for the Ching/Barbara/Johnson forward-squatting gambits. In fact, one can argue they’d be better off with those three guys under contract versus what they acquired in exchange. I think Marsch has acquired a fair amount of expansion journeyman type talent that won’t impede future growth, and Ricketts and Neagle are two decent pieces, but the pattern of their voluntary signs and trades has not really looked to me like it’s moved them forward any. Ferrari’s 30+, this guy’s older than that, etc. Marsch has outsmarted himself IMO. I keep going back to his mentor WON his first year…


  • detroitFIRe

    @TGA, what are you talking about? Impact chose to sign him. As for American / Canadian attackers in the league, we’ve got Buddle, Shea, Agudelo, Ching, Sapong, Bunbury, Adu, etc


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