SBI Live Q&A

It's SBI Old-School Q&A Time


Good morning everybody. I haven't been able to get together an SBI Live Q&A lately, and since I'm probably not going to be able to get one together for this week I wanted to give readers a chance to send some questions in for me to answer.

So I'm bringing back the old school Q&A format for this week.

Submit your soccer-related questions in the comments section below and I will post answers to some of them next week. Want to ask about the U.S. Olympic Qualifying debacle? The new MLS season? The senior national team? Whatever it is, send your questions my way and I'll try to get to as many of them as possible.

Send your questions my way.

  • tom

    this is the guy that they needed as there attacking center mid, he did for his u20s but everyone forgets, ives you were there at the u23 camps! you did not notices real talent from dilly duka, if it wasnt with u23, he even show his talents over sea with gen.Adidas team!


  • Michael M

    Dumb question: why wasn’t Timmy Chandler playing? He would clearly have been a higher level than just about else on the field. Was he not released by his club team?


  • marco

    I don’t have a degree in statistics but why would a nation of a billion have a better 11 than that of one with 10 million? I know the numbers look imposing, but I’m pretty sure that analysis of statistics is incorrect.


  • Davethedopefiend

    I was so gutted about the loss Monday night. Moving forward I think our boys will learn and grow off that stunning defeat. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. This USMNT U23 group are special! I expect great things from these boys.


  • Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper"

    Question: IF/WHEN I find funny/odd/amusing photos will you bring back the “You Write the Caption” post? It has made many a long days at work bearable.


  • Brain Guy

    Is a second NY-area MLS team a good idea, or would it just dilute the market and help kill the buzz at Red Bull Arena?


  • beachbum

    is Freddy’s more effective position in the middle? or outside where he finds space? where was he more effectively deployed in the Olympic quaalifying %@#$&% ?


  • beachbum

    great #2 question, and I agree about missing Morales’ #6 and how it hurt Porter’s system and that team.


  • beachbum

    and your question #1 for that matter…what is the relationship/non-relationship thing all about?


  • Northzax

    That’s easy. And kind of cool. For official matches, UEFA at least uses 16 cameras that cover preordained angles and sections of the field. This means every action on the field is recorded, and fed into computers. The computers know where every player is, and how fast they’re moving, as well as tracking the ball. I assume optijack uses a similar system in MLS.

    The computer sees player a run from point a to point b to point c. Since it know how far these points are from each other, it’s just math. I trust there’s an algorithm that tells it that something was a pass, an it knows who received that pass. Again, math.


  • PD


    love all you do for US Soccer.
    Not to sound like sour grapes, but when a player hits another player when the ref isn’t looking and draws blood and it’s clearly caught on tape, does that player or his team have any kind of legal responsibility or is there any recourse? I understand that accidents happen on the field, but if it can be shown to be deliberate it seems like that should not only be unsportsmanlike, but illegal. What’s the precedent for this and what’s your take?


  • hogatroge

    Deuce doesn’t really have the mentality. While I don’t blame him, LD hasn’t shown the dedication to the team lately.

    Maybe MB90?


  • SuperChivo

    If the US has long lagged behind its rivals in youth development, and given the recent run of poor results for teams that began as highly touted, and, finally, with it being widely acknowledged that a certain core of European clubs are the world leaders in player development, why is the USSF hiring ex-players with little to no experience in youth development to lead its program? Wouldn’t it make sense to hire someone with experience (as a coach or administrator, not as a player)to head up the program, or at least as a technical director or in charge of youth development?


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