U.S. Men's Olympic Team

Studio 90: A look ahead to tonight's USA-El Salvador Olympic Qualifier

  • Kevin_Amold

    I love what comes out of Porter’s mouth, but I wonder if he is a man a little before his time. I love the philosophy of “we play our game” and make the others adapt to us, but I just wonder if we have good enough players yet to truly dictate games and impose our wills on our opponents.

    I really hope so, and tonight I guess we get to see if we can do it when we need to.


  • Uncle Sam

    These are the times that try men’s souls. For he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us; that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.

    One game changes everything.



  • CJ

    If there are any hyperbaric chambers in Nashville, they should get all the players in there to speed their recovery, if that even works for fatigue. Becks & Rooney have used HBOT for injuries, why not the U23’s? 🙂

    (HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy)


  • OmarVizquel

    These are concepts that coaches have recognized for years. It’s not like Porter invented the idea of controlling possession. There’s been one minor problem — other than Reyna and Ramos and maybe O’Brien, we’ve never been remotely good enough to actually do it on the field.

    Maybe one day we will be. Those will truly be wonder years, Kevin Arnold.


  • Rory

    I was at Nashville and as disappointed as I was by the performance on the field, I was more ashamed off the field with the American Outlaws section. I have one serious complaint and one that’s kind of trivial so I’ll start with the trivial.

    When Canada scored that goal the same group who had mindlessly been chanting some lame chants throughout the whole game went silent for a dozen minutes or so. I mean absolutely silent. If you’re the type to think that chanting and the crowd’s support means much, then that is inexcusable.

    But the serious complaint, late in the game some jerk from that section threw a bottled beer at the Canadian goalkeeper. It went through the goalnet but luckily did not hit the keeper. It was a plastic bottle, but that doesn’t excuse them as I’m sure it could have hurt nonetheless. That was a trash move by a trash individual. But worse than that, while the security people on the field in yellow were trying to determine who in the section threw that bottle nobody pointed to the worthless piece of crap who threw it. Loss of respect, game over. Go help thugs hide out somewhere else, we don’t need your kind in American soccer. You can’t tell me that nobody in that section saw a thing.


  • Marco

    Maybe the kids will feel rejuvinated by another trip to Cheesecake factory and some photo’s of them clowning around released on their Twitter accounts.


  • paul

    Pretty sure we have to reserve these stories to justify the hype of the “hostile” environments of Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, etc.
    Your story doesn’t fit the existing narrative in American soccer…so it will be ignored.


  • H2Oman

    I hope the players are more resilient than many of the supposed fans. Listening to the tone of most interviews of players and coach, fortunately it seems they are. I’m pretty shocked looking at the general tone of most soccer boards at how all the support of a few days ago seems to have completely wilted…. that just as the above complaints about fans going silent at the game after one goal, it seems the general support on boards has evaporated into silence and whiny criticism after a little adversity- one loss. What universe do folks come from where everything goes perfect every time? Overcoming challenges is what competition and life is all about. How about folks living up to the same standard they would ask of players. When things get a little tough- keep fighting. Nut up and keep supporting your team- they need it.


  • Kevin_Amold

    Yes, Omar, I understand he didn’t invent the concept. I just don’t remember hearing these words out of Bob Bradley’s or Arena’s mouths (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen), so it seems to be somewhat of a new philosophy for the Yanks, at any level.

    We seem to agree that we might be short on players to actually do this right now. And the wonder years will truly have come when we get such players.


  • Joe Creighton

    Both in the Studio 90 interview and this video I noticed that Freddy Adu seems eerily fake on camera. His thoughts are not well formed or articulated. He needs to work on this, don’t be fake Freddy.


  • give me a break

    the support is still there, and the reality check of the Canada game evoked realistic responses from an ever-more savvy American soccer public

    nut up? you mean the players? or posters? that’s pretty hilarious. I’m glad you’re so nutted up from your computer. very resilient of you


  • MSNats

    To be fair, I was in the same section as the American Outlaws saturday night. I will agree that most of the chants they were doing were classless, and the only reason I was sitting with them was that my nashville friend was the one who got us the seats (I”m from mississippi). I was a couple of rows behind the guy that threw the bottle; I saw it happen. The guy was seriously drunk, easily the drunkest person I saw all day, and he showed up to the game that way. There were several people in the section who called the guy out on it. Apparently AO-Nashville was REALLY worried about concacaf and ussoccer sanctioning them or something. However, I didn’t see any security guards walking up and down the aisles or anything. My friend and I were ready to point the guy out, hoping they’d show up. But we only saw the ones on the field.


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