U.S. Men's Olympic Team

Studio 90: U.S. U-23s arrive in Nashville

  • jts

    Watched a good part of the session- team is moving the ball quickly and well. Should be fun to watch next week


  • Joshuaw

    I’ve got a mutually beneficial idea: How about a trade straight up of Agudelo for Opara. NY needs defense and San Jose could use a dynamic forward. I like it.


  • marco

    The USA has a nice side, but with a couple of weak spots that can be hidden. I think Porter will have the side play well enough to advance. The semi-final is one and out so anything can happen.


  • louis z

    Boyd is not due in until the day before the qualifiers start. So I see him coming as sub in the second half of the cuba game.


  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    I love Caleb Porter. You can tell he is instilling the right kinds of ideas in our players.


  • Chef

    C’mon really? All black people look the same now? Haha! That was obviously Ike Opara.


  • Anthony

    Porter just has to add tough guy Jermaine Jones to help Diskerud and Adu in the midfield with Michael Parkhust Goodson or Cameron in the back line to help Ike Opera. The back line is where we have to be strong to be able to compete in London. After that the team looks good.


  • Anthony

    The back line is not good enough. Midfield good but too young and very weak to compete in London. Porter needs to try to bring Jermaine Jones to help in the midfield. Also Goodson and Parkhust in the back line. And the team will be fine. Please we don’t need no Donovan or Dempsey. The team already has good power in the attack. Gyau, Boyd, Taylor, Agudelo, Shea, Gatt,Wooten, Altidore and Chandler (if release). So let’s tose boys fullfill their olympic dreams.


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