U.S. Men's Olympic Team

U.S. U-23s 6, Cuba 0: Match Highlights

  • Joel

    I don’t see anything? Something wrong?

    (SBI-Not all browsers can see the Silverlight format video. It doesn’t seem to work with Safari, but you can view it if you use Google Chrome.)


  • Brian

    I’m excited to watch this team grow up and join the Men’s team. It just looks like they are having fun out there. That second goal was a great example. I enjoy watching the Men’s team but sometimes they are a little too serious, get out there and have fun with it.


  • Kevin_Amold

    This team looked like a team that has a lot of confidence. It also looked like a team that played a subpar team that was down a man.

    Don’t want to rain on any parade, but I’m really excited to see them again.


  • Raymon

    When you’re a goal and a man up with 70 minutes left, the fun potential exponentially increases. That red card behavior was deserved – a slap then an elbow. Dirty.


  • Villain-from-Texas

    I feel a little bit bad for Cuba, if I’m being honest. No one, especially not such young players, like to be embarrassed like that.


  • marco

    Porter has a great thing going with his mids and wings, as they interchange and occupy open space all over the pitch. There are no traditional channels that players must remain in. Everyone he put in played well except for Bunbury. If Boyd plays well, Teal may be the first Zip to go.


  • johnnycougar

    Looked good but the results were definitely skewed by that red card. I thought it was harsh, to be honest. Didn’t look to me like the Cuban was intending to hit our guy in the face. The elbow didn’t seem to make contact, just the slap.

    Aguedelo’s goal and Adu’s goal were both beautiful, but otherwise the goals looked mostly like the result of an overmatched and undermanned side rather than amazing play from the US. Can’t wait for the Mexico / Honduras game, assuming everyone gets that far.


  • Alejandro 10

    Maybe, maybe not, but they certainly aren’t going to get matching uniforms for the next game. That is for sure!


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